Where to Report Title IX Concerns

Title IX Reporting

Make A Report

Choosing whether or not to file a report may be difficult. You may choose to do what feels best.

You have the right to report a sexual assault to the police and to the University. You can report to both, just the police, just the University or to neither. It is your choice. You may report any instances of sexual harassment, sexual assault or sexual violence to the University investigation offices. The University is obligated to conduct a prompt, fair and impartial investigation to determine whether a University policy or code – such as the Student Conduct Code or Executive Order No. 31 – has been violated. For other Title IX related reports, please contact the Title IX Coordinator. (Title IX Coordinator link redirects to the UW Seattle page and applies to all in the UW system.)

Please take note: A University investigation is separate from an investigation that the police might do to determine whether a crime has occurred. A University report does not lead to a police report and a police report does not initiate a University investigation.

The University of Washington has designated offices responsible for responding to, investigating, and resolving complaints. To learn more about making a report, please review the information on the UW Seattle website. The offices and resources noted on the referenced page supports the three UW campuses and serves all University of Washington students. You will notice a change in website formatting.


Local, State, and Federal report options:

Connect with Care Team

The UW Bothell CARE Team is also a resource to support faculty, staff and students when you are concerned about a students well-being.

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