The Entrepreneurship Center

The objective of the Entrepreneurship Center is to harness the deep knowledge and expertise of the UW Bothell School of Business and direct that know how to where it is needed - The Entrepreneurs. The School of Business has expert knowledge and leading edge research on every business topic we teach.
That knowledge is available to you!

For Students:

I want to be an Entrepreneur -

If that is your goal, we want to help.

  • We can help you define your Business Model. A solid comprehension of your business model is the key to your success.
  • Provide guidance to write a Business Plan - a plan that is short, concise and relevant to your business. We don't cut and paste from templates. We help you write your business plan from the ground up.
  • Help you to present your idea to investors. No, we can't guarantee that you will be funded, but we can improve your odds.
  • We can connect you to entrepreneurs so you may expand your network; learn from others who are open and willing to share.

For Entrepreneurs:

I am an Entrepreneur -

If you need help with your venture or your business, we are here for you.

  • You may need help with market research, we have the experience.
  • Your business model may not be clear, we can help define it for you, so you can see clearly where a module might be out of place.
  • Need to expand your network, we can connect you. Use the acquired knowledge from fellow entrepreneurs who are willing to share their experience.
  • Need an objective opinion; we can give you some insight. It may not be the answer you were hoping for, but we will give it to you straight without any sugar coating.

UW Bothell has what it takes to help you in your venture or provide the guidance you need to be successful.