Green Events Guide

Events can be wasteful in all the materials that it takes to make an event happen. We encourage our campus community to be mindful about the impact of campus events through looking to the sources of waste potential. Food, decorations, giveaways, and brochures are all sources of event waste, among others.

We are here to support you however we can, including with consultations on making your event more sustainable! Feel free to reach out any time at and we can schedule a time to chat!

We have created the following guide to greening your events:


  • Choose healthy food options from local sources including farmers markets
  • Offer vegetarian/vegan options
  • Offer reusable or compostable cups, plates, napkins, utensils
  • Use pitchers of water instead of bottled water
  • Donate/bring leftover food to students, staff and faculty


  • Choose reusable, recyclable, or compostable décor such as homemade wildflower bouquets
  • Buy second-hand
  • Use recyclable materials for name badges, paper communications
  • Use natural or reusable décor like tablecloths


  • Mark and group waste bins together
  • Communicate the intention of the event being “green”
  • Reuse unused marketing/event materials


  • Make QR Code handouts instead of printed materials
  • Provide gift cards to local shops
  • Choose sustainable goods