Residential Life

Sustainability Living Learning Community

The University of Washington Bothell Living-Learning Community program is a joint partnership between the Division of Student Affairs and the First Year and Pre-Major Program open to all first year students living in University housing.

The Living Learning Community Program is offering an Environment and Economy focused Living Learning Community (LLC) for the 2017-2018 academic year. The LLC program and additional partners create an engaging and intellectually rich experience for students living in campus housing that will extend student learning outside of the classroom and into the everyday lives of first year students, all focused around a centralized theme.

Environment & Economy Living Learning Community

Students with interests in business, economics, science, arts, humanities, technology, communications and many other disciplines will come together to explore how we can best understand our role in the environment and how we can make innovative changes in business, health, education, and environmental stewardship to achieve a sustainable future. The LLC will feature a Discovery Learning course on sustainability topics and theory, as well as monthly outings led by peer instructors. The monthly outings give students an opportunity to see how they can apply sustainability principles to many different jobs and sectors, and provide hands-on experience in making positive social and environmental change. Students will also gain experience from an internship in their final academic year quarter, in which students will have an opportunity to work with outside partners or the UWB Sustainability Office on applied projects.