Earth Week

A poster from a previous Earth Week saying "Our promise to the Earth" and has commitments posted to the poster.

Celebrate the Earth

Earth Week 2019 is coming up fast! We will begin planning activities and events for Earth Week in January. We will be putting together a committee of people interested in programming and planning Earth Week, and welcome any interested parties to the table. This is a great opportunity to get experience in programming, planning events, and being involved with sustainability folks on campus. To get involved, contact Alexa Russo, UW Bothell Sustainability Coordinator at

Celebrating Earth Week is a long time tradition at UW Bothell. The coordination of Earth Week is overseen by a joint partnership between UW Bothell Sustainability Office and Cascadia College, but is truly an interdisciplinary celebration. Earth Week consists of many events held each day of the week hosted by various faculty, student clubs, and campus departments. Because each event is held by individual groups, the events can change from year to year and each Earth Week celebration is unique.

Earth Week 2018 was amazing! We hosted a wide variety of events throughout the week; highlights included Research in Progress Talks, Sustainability Tours, Plantings, and our annual Sustainability Festival featuring over 30 community partners. We can't wait to see what Earth Week 2019 brings!