Campus Garden

raised garden beds on campus

Campus garden

After several years of planning and advocating, The UW Bothell campus garden received Chancellor approval in June 2016!  Ground was broken at the garden site in October 2016 and beds installed in time for Earth Day 2017. As part of UW Bothell’s weeklong Earth Week celebration, the first season of vegetables were planted in April 2017 and are already ready for harvest. The UW Bothell Garden is managed by a committee of students, faculty, and staff.

The UW Bothell Campus provides an outdoor learning space designed to engage our campus community in experiential learning and best practices surrounding sustainable land use and food production. The campus garden is located in the space adjacent to the sports fields and immediately south of the north parking garage. This campus garden space also holds garden beds managed by Cascadia College, our campus vermicompost bin, and yard waste hot compost from campus grounds operations. The current plan for the UW Bothell Campus garden includes three garden beds, including an ADA accessible bed. The three beds have been built and planted, with the additional infrastructure in planning phases. There will also be several pollinator beds to attract the important insects that are needed for the garden to thrive and a water station to clean vegetables.

Throughout the 2016-17 academic year, the Garden Club will be meeting monthly to carry on with the design, construction, and programming for the Garden. The Garden Club invites participation from all interested students, faculty and staff. Future opportunities for this space are limitless and open, so please join the conversation and help shape the future of the Campus Garden! The Committee will be planning volunteer work parties for planting, harvesting, weeding and other garden maintenance throughout the year.

Get Involved

The best way to get involved with the garden is to contact the committee and ask about the most current happenings in the garden! E-mail!

You can also follow along on Facebook,  Instagram, or subscribe to the Mailman List.

Join the Committee

The committee is always looking for more students, staff and faculty to participate as voting or nonvoting members in the management and planning of the garden! Membership in the committee requires commitment to regular attendance at monthly committee meetings, participation in work parties and events (including planning and coordination of), and general involvement in decision making and planning of garden. All skills and experience is valuable in this interdisciplinary group!


There are many ways to get involved in the garden. Various classes incorporate hands on research and experimentation at the garden site throughout the academic year. Contact the Garden Committee to learn which courses have garden projects planned for the current and upcoming year.

Work Parties/Informal Meet Ups

In addition to coursework, students, staff, and faculty can get involved through work parties or weekly informal garden interest meet ups where garden committee members and others work on garden maintenance (watering, weeding, harvesting, planting) or other creative projects for the garden site. These happen often, but generally change from quarter to quarter. To learn what is coming up next, check our social media pages and email

Your Own Ideas

More than anything else, the UW Bothell Campus Garden is a space for the UW Bothell Community to learn, play and experiment with organic gardening concepts and develop a community around it. The committee invites all individuals and groups to engage in the garden space however they feel it can benefit them. We are always accepting proposals for events, projects, initiatives, and programs to be implemented or run in the garden. Want to build a greenhouse for your student club? Hold a work party for your department? Do independent research? Email with your idea and we will follow up.

Past Garden Projects

Need inspiration for how you can participate in the garden? Here are some past activities that have happened in the garden:

  • UW Bothell Hackathon – Garden Innovation Challenge
  • Garden space soil analysis – IAS Soils Class
  • Hanging Living Wall Installation – Cascadia College BASSP Student Capstone Project
  • UW Bothell Pollinator Class Pollinator Garden Installation