Earth Day

Earth Day 2014

Join us Tuesday, April 22nd!

Spring in upon us here at UW Bothell. The wetlands are alive with new growth, and budding flowers are beginning to bloom all across campus. As part of welcoming the sun and new season, we will be hosting a day of activities surrounding Earth Day, sponsored by our Student Sustainability Organization.

Our celebration will take place in various locations across campus from 10:00am-4:30pm.

goats.pngOver fifteen organizations ranging from the City of Bothell, to local farms and environmental organizations, will be joining us for the celebration, engaging students and campus community members in topics including living sustainably, renewable energy, calculating carbon footprints, and much more. We'll even have goats on campus, showing how they can be used to clear weeds and brush. Most of these activities will be taking place at the tables that will be set up in front of the LB1 building.

Bikes and TeslaThere will be art on display made of commonly recycled materials, as well as an organized planting with the Student Sustainability Organization and our gardening team at the new Sarah Simonds Green Conservatory. Most activities will be taking place throughout the entire day, with the conservatory native planting party at 12:00pm. And don't forget to come check out the electric vehicles and charging stations on display at the south end of UW2!

We would love you to join us, as it is sure to be fun, informative, and best of all, you get to connect with your community about the issues we all care about.


Started in 1970, Earth Day is an internationally recognized day in which events are held around the world in support of environmental protection and in recent years, sustainability on a global scale. Originally Earth Day only took place in the United States, however as pressing issues such as global deforestation and climate change have taken hold, the international precedence for a coordinated effort surrounding environmental action has risen dramatically. The first Earth Day in 1970 attracted massive crowds in cities across the county, with as many as 1 million people in New York City alone. In the wake of the first Earth Day celebrations, we saw the passage of the national Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act.

Currently, it is estimated more than 1 billion people participate in the event worldwide, making it one of the largest internationally observed events. For us here at UW Bothell, Earth Day is an opportunity both to educate our communities about the importance of environmental protection, as well as to show our students and the greater public how we put that ideal to action. With our commitment to sustainable grounds management, energy and resource conservation in our buildings, widespread composting and recycling, and the ongoing restoration of our 58-acre wetlands, UW Bothell uses our campus as a living laboratory and demonstration of what is possible when is comes to effective environmental stewardship.

We hope you can join us for the celebration!

For more information about international Earth Day celebrations, visit the Earth Day Network website.

UW Bothell Celebrates Earth Day 2013

What does one 1996 Chevy pickup truck running on lithium ion battery power, three goats, and a paddock of electric bicycles  all have in common? They could all be found at the 2013 Earth Day celebration hosted by the UW Bothell and Cascadia Community College Sustainability Organization.
The student-led Sustainability Organization promotes sustainable practices and environmental education. Dozens of environmental organizations and businesses were represented. “It is very exciting to have all our sponsors on our campus. It is a great way to promote our beautiful   facilities and get students outside,” said Aaron Huston, President of the Sustainability Organization.

Adrienne Anderson, Owner and Wrangler of Amazin’ Grazers, brought three blackberry and ivy clearing goats for students to enjoy. Larry Ryan, a retired Hewlett Packard engineer, showcased his year-long project of converting a vehicle to electric using off-the-shelf parts. He told students to always think about how “energy is converted in everything they do.” 

Students participated in a number of activities, including: 
-Planting a new flower “W” by reusing plastic water bottles,
-Decorating pots and planted them with vegetables and herbs, 
-Taking a hard hat tour of the Sarah Simonds Green Conservatory,
-Networked and learned with Waste Management, Friends of North Creek Forest, Cascadia Environmental Center, and;
- Test drove electric bicycles from Ohm and car gazed with Tesla and Toyota.

Quick Facts

  • UW Bothell has been herbicide-free since 2006
  • All campus lighting is high-efficient, 277 volt, with electronic ballasts.
  • Our campus uses only green cleaning products.
  • We have 58 acres of restored wetlands requiring 5,300 hours of labor to maintain.
  • We use Red Wrigglers worms to compost our garbage.
  • A computerized irrigation system saves water.
  • All HVAC and external lighting is controlled by automated systems.