Mission, Vision & Commitment

Text saying "Our commitment: environmental and human sustainability is one of seven campus priorities identified in the 21st century campus initiative


The Sustainability Office at UW Bothell serves to advance the campus sustainability vision by promoting sustainability on campus and throughout the community. We are focused on connecting students, staff, faculty, and other stakeholders to the resources needed to implement sustainability solutions, while engaging students and the campus community in sustainability activities taking place on campus and in our surrounding community.

In addition, the Sustainability Office acts a central hub for campus sustainability initiatives and serves as an education and information portal for all matters relating to sustainability both on and off campus.


UW Bothell will have a distinct reputation for sustainability, both regionally and nationally. This standing will be based on a synergistic combination of a unique campus-wide culture around sustainability along with significant, tangible accomplishments in environmental stewardship, research, curriculum, student life, and community partnerships. This reputation will generate excitement and create opportunities that will attract students, faculty, staff, external funding and community partners.

UW Bothell will be a keystone part of local, regional, and national networks of individuals and organizations seeking to create and disseminate knowledge about best practices. Our contribution to these networks will be through discovery and collaboration, while addressing tough problems, and aiding in implementing solutions.


The University of Washington has made a foundational commitment to sustainability through many channels, including the UW Climate Action Plan, UW Bothell's 21st Century Initiative, and a founding signature on the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment (ACUPCC). 

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