Earth Week

poster of earth mosaic made collaboratively during earth week

Get involved with Earth Week

Earth Week is just around the corner, so save the date! April 22-28th will be a week packed with sustainability-related events; from restoration projects and plantings to zero-waste living talks and our annual Sustainability Festival, there are events to fit everyone's interest!

This year's Earth Week theme is "What will you do this summer?", a shift in the paradigm that involvement in sustainability is just during Earth Week, and creating an involvement continuum. Every day is Earth Day for the Sustainability Office, and we want you to join us.

Spring is the time when on and off-campus organizations start hiring for summer, and have tons of opportunities to volunteer, intern, or work with them. We want to highlight chances to foster the connections needed to take your sustainability involvement to the next level through our Earth Week events. 

More information about Earth Week 2019 can be found on our Earth Week Website. Here you will find a full Earth Week Calendar, as well as descriptions for each Earth Week event. Below you will find an Earth Week event sneak peak; we hope you will join us. 

Earth Week Event Sneak Peak: 

  • Campus Sustainability Festival 
  • Zero-Waste Living Talk 
  • Movie Screening 
  • Restoration Projects/Work Parties
  • Farm Planting 
  • Garbage Sort
  • Food events

Have questions or want to be involved in Sustainability on-campus? Please contact Alexa at