Stormwater Management Practices

salmon in wetland

Our 58 acre wetland serves as vital stormwater biofiltration, keeping North Creek healthy. North Creek is a tributary to the Puget Sound, impacting the greater watershed. UW Bothell manages our stormwater in such a way that ensures maintenance of our healthy ecosystem.

UW Bothell has been a Salmon-Safe Certified campus since 2008. Salmon-Safe is the nation’s first and only peer-reviewed certification program that promotes ecologically sustainable land management that protects water quality and aquatic biodiversity. The primary core certification standards assess the campus's stormwater runoff management practices, erosion prevention and sediment control, and pesticide reduction and water quality protection in landscaping, among other criteria. 

Stormwater Permit

UW Bothell's Stormwater Management practices are established by our Water Quality Program Permit 2018. The whole campus is classified as a secondary permittee under the Western Washington Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit. UW Bothell must comply with permit requirements and all relevant ordinances, rules, and regulations of the City of Bothell. As a Phase II Secondary Permittee, UW Bothell is required to develop and implement a Stormwater Management Program. 

Gather more information on how UW Bothell handles our stormwater on the Stormwater Management Website


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