Environmental Sustainability

Purple, Gold & Green

Environmental Sustainability is a core part of the fabric of University of Washington Bothell, and has been since our inception over 20 years ago. The construction of campus at our current site has continued to guide our vision for the evolution of UW Bothell. Using the principles laid out in the 21st Century Initiative, our guiding document for 2008-2020, we have continued to build sustainability as one of our key initiatives. pesticide free sign in a flower bed

Environmental Sustainability has long since been a key factor driving the evolution of the University of Washington Bothell. From our wetlands, to the three on-campus photovoltaic solar installations, to the variety of courses offered focused on environmental sustainability, here at University of Washington Bothell, we are committed to keeping our campus green.


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Institutional Membership & Recognition

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President's Climate Commitment

Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education

US Green Building CouncilSalmon Safe Certification


Quick Facts

  • UW Bothell has been herbicide-free since 2006
  • All campus lighting is high-efficient, 277 volt, with electronic ballasts.
  • Our campus uses only green cleaning products.
  • We have 58 acres of restored wetlands requiring 5,300 hours of labor to maintain.
  • We use Red Wrigglers worms to compost our garbage.
  • A computerized irrigation system saves water.
  • All HVAC and external lighting is controlled by automated systems.