The SAF (Services and Activities Fee) committee is a group of students appointed yearly.  This committee is responsible for allocating roughly $1.7 million dollars to support student services and programs each year.  All currently registered students are welcomed to apply during the summer for an appointment in the following academic year.

2016-2017 SAF Committee Members

Ashley Thayer (Chair)
Brian Eissmann (Vice Chair)
Biftu Abdullahi (Secretary)
Lucia Rios-Flores & Jennifer Tran (Liaison)
TBD (Chair Emeritus)
Umar Shah (ASUWB Representative)
Huy Dao
Alex Lind


Contact Information

SAF Committee

Ex-Officio Members/Advisors

George Theo, Dean of Student Affairs

Emily Christian, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

Christian Adams, Director of Academic Budgets

Did You Know?

Nine out of 10 of UW Bothell students are from the state of Washington.