One month prior to the day I began classes at UW Bothell, I got off active duty orders for a deployment to Iraq. One month after graduating, I was off to my next deployment in Southeast Asia. Pursuing a double major in IAS/Global Studies and Interdisciplinary Art with a minor in Human Rights was an invaluable way to compliment my global experiences with theoretical understanding and creative reflection. The interdisciplinary model facilitates learning across disciplines and courses in a way that reflects the complexities and interconnectedness of career fields, society, and our world. Although I started at UWB with the notion that my Bachelors Degree would be the culminating event of a long and non-traditional career as a community college student, the support and success I enjoyed at Bothell gave me the confidence and intellectual curiosity to purse a graduate degree. I am currently enrolled at Seattle University, earning a Master of Arts in Education, Adult Education and Training. As a future educator, I intend to facilitate the kind of learning and intellectual growth in content areas that were modeled for me by UW Bothell IAS faculty.


John Phillips