UW Bothell Alert

Operations are suspended at UW Bothell and Cascadia effective 7 p.m. for the remainder of Thursday evening. Classes and evening activities are cancelled and the library is closed.


Ben Wiselogle

As a six-year veteran of the US Navy, I wasn’t sure what to make of my UW Bothell experience initially. However, I soon came to realize that the key to an enriching experience would be to immerse myself as much as possible in the UWB family. Joining and then volunteering for a leadership role with the Student Veteran’s Association on campus, actively supporting other organizations I believed in like the human rights student group, and utilizing the various resources on campus such as the Career Center really set me up for success post-graduation. Through the Career Center, I was able to develop an internship in Leogane, Haiti, and ultimately earned an on-campus position as an Assistant Career Advisor. All of these experiences plus the very challenging IAS coursework from the Global Studies program allowed me to build a competitive portfolio.

Regrettably, the one thing that I did let slide through my time as an undergrad was my career search. I was so busy being involved on campus (I think “balance” is the idea to strive for), that I neglected to really engage in any sort of concerted job exploration. Due to networking with my mentor in the Career Center, I did find employment as a Product Support Specialist with a software firm, and although it did pay the bills and I was grateful for that, my heart wasn’t in it. Because of this disconnect, I maintained my relationships with non-profits like All Hands Volunteers that I had worked with in the past in Haiti and domestically. Eventually, after working with Natalia Dyba in Merit Scholarships over eight months, I followed my passion and applied to a master’s program at the University of Cambridge in England, and was accepted. So I went from graduating with really no plan at all to being accepted into the program of my dreams. For me, the key was to stay engaged in the things I care about, keep relationships open with professors and the UWB family, and don’t lose hope. As long as you keep improving and challenging yourself, doors will open for you. 


Ben Wiselogle
(US Navy GST, grad school in the UK (UWB Branch Campus in England))