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Establish Expectations for Student Conduct

Classroom expectations for academic and behavioral conduct

As representatives of the University, faculty have the responsibility and the authority to establish expectations for student conduct that foster an understanding and a climate of academic honesty in the classroom. Faculty may prohibit conduct distracting to other students or disruptive to their teaching.

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Clarify and publish in the course syllabus the academic and classroom behavior is not acceptable, and the consequences for misconduct. For example:

All University of Washington students are expected to conduct themselves as responsible members of the academic community. UW students are expected to practice high standards of academic and professional honesty and integrity. 

Academic misconduct includes but is not limited to cheating, facilitation, plagiarism, unauthorized collaboration, and fabrication in connection with any exam, research, course assignment, or other academic exercise that contributes, in whole or in part, to the satisfaction of requirements for courses or graduation. The following definitions, while not exhaustive, are intended to provide examples of the types of activities that can result in a charge of academic misconduct.

  • During the first week of each term, explain the importance of academic integrity, and the campus commitment to report all incidents of academic and behavioral misconduct.
  • Give examples of academic misconduct specific to class assignments.
  • Encourage students who witness academic or behavioral misconduct to report all alleged incidents.
  • Help students understand any policies or practices around working as a team and the expected outcome, e.g., different papers, one paper, individual identical papers, etc.
  • Address disruptive behavior or academic misconduct, individually, directly, and immediately; Exclude a student from any class session in which the student is disorderly or disruptive.
  • Submit a Student Conduct Incident Report Form whenever a student violates the Student Conduct Code.


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