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The Student Conduct Code

The Student Conduct Code was approved by University of Washington faculty, reviewed by the Attorney General’s Office, and made effective by the Board of Regents. Written into Washington Administrative Code (WAC 478-121), standards of academic and behavioral conduct apply to University of Washington students enrolled at Bothell, Seattle and Tacoma. Standards established by the Code safeguard university functions, and protect the rights and freedoms of all members of the university community

Conduct Process

The University of Washington Bothell Conduct Process was recommended by UW Bothell faculty, reviewed by the Attorney General’s Office, and approved by the Chancellor. It fosters student learning and development by promoting high standards of integrity and accountability. Students participating in the process will engage in five learning goals:

  • Intellectual Growth
  • Clarified Values
  • Meaningful Interpersonal relationships
  • Realistic Self-Appraisal
  • Healthy Behavior

Faculty Establish Expectations for Classroom Conduct

As representatives of the University, faculty have the responsibility and the authority to Establish Expectations for Student Conduct that foster a climate of academic honesty and professional behavior in the classroom. Faculty may also prohibit behaviors distracting to other students or disruptive to their teaching.

Report Student Misconduct

Faculty who observe behavioral misconduct, or suspect academic misconduct,  are asked to Report Student Misconduct to the Office of Student Conduct. Once a Student Conduct Incident Report is filed, this office coordinates the conduct process including Student Conduct Hearings for  the UW Bothell campus.


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Students, faculty and staff are asked to report whenever student misconduct is observed or suspected.

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