Student Technology Fee Committee



Aaron Leon Jacobson - Chair

Datyous Mahmoudian - Co-Chair

Kaelynne Nelson - ASUWB Representative/Student

Kendra Okoro - Student

Beatriz Rojas-Vazquez - Student

Sharel Satran - Student

Huy Tran - Student



Terry Hill, Director of Orientation & Transition Programs, 425-352-3868

Gina Christian, Administrative Manager of Student Affairs, 425-352-3670

Adri MacArthur, IT Helpdesk and Customer Care Manager, 425-352-3154

David Moehring, Senior Capital Planner, 425-352-5143

Jim Pilon, Fiscal Specialist, UWB: Fiscal and Audit Services, 425-352-5260

Dan Sullivan, Project Operations Specialist, 425-352-3777