Faculty End of Course Evaluations

Faculty course evaluations

Course evaluations are important to your faculty & the institution!

Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Tim Wilson created a video explaining the importance of Course Evaluations. Please watch the video

Or, view the main points from the video in this PDF of the Infographic (image and simple text follow).

Plain text of Infographic shown above:


Faculty Course evaluations

Course evaluations are critical! Be:

  • Descriptive and Specific
  • Solutions-Oriented 
  • Focus on what an instructor can control

Why they're worth your time: 

  • Help shapre the course for future stuents
  • Provides honest feedback in a way that protects your privacy
  • Gives you an opportunity to practice skills of reflection and providing constructive, critical feedback 
  • Helps your instructors continue their improvement as educators 

Qualities of Helpful & Constructive Feedback:

  • Uses respectful, professional language
  • Provides insights about course organization, content, and delivery
  • Gives specific examples & suggestions for improvement 

Confronting Bias:

  • Comments on an instructor's appearance, race, generder, or other perceived personal attributes have nothing to do with their teaching skills. More often than not, these comments are harmfuyl, biased, and far from who we strive to be as a community. 

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