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Services Request Timeline

Services Request Timeline

In order to ensure sufficient time to make provisions for appropriate accommodations and auxiliary aid(s), students must request approved accommodations in a timely manner. Below is a list of services and appropriate timelines for most circumstances. If a request is submitted after the relevant deadline, DRS will make every reasonable effort to accommodate the request but cannot guarantee that such a request can be met. Accommodations are approved throughout the quarter, but are not retroactive. Untimely, requests may result in delay, substitutions, or the inability to fulfill the request(s).

Type of Service

Time Required

Alternative Format: Braille, Large Print, E-Text, Digital Audio Requests for alternate format materials are due at least 4 weeks prior to the 1st day of class.
Classroom Services Students who have mobility or chronic health concerns may have a room relocation accommodation. A course may be reassigned to another room or building if a student with a mobility or chronic health issue cannot arrive on time during the passing periods or if the building is physically inaccessible. Please contact DRS for assistance with this accommodation.

Communication Services: Real Time Captioning, ASL Interpreter, Video Captioning

Requests for communication access services are made through myDRS. Recurring classroom and multi-day event requests are due at least 5 weeks in advance. Requests for one-time events and meetings are due at least 10 days in advance.

Clinicals, Clerkships, Practicums, Externships, Internships, Etc.: Accommodations relevant for non-classroom activities should be discussed as soon as possible with your DRS Counselor. The process to evaluate, design, and implement accommodations in these settings need to be done well in advance of the start of the fieldwork and preferably before locations are assigned, since accommodations at these sights can involve a multi-department effort.
Disability Related Absences Agreement Complete a Disability Related Absences Agreement for each class, with your professor, before the end of the 2nd week of class instructions.
Exam Accommodations   Complete an Alternative Testing Contract, with your professor, for each class as soon as possible. Once submitted, schedule exams at least 5 business days in advance. Visit the DRS Testing Center webpage for more information.
Foreign Language Requirement Substitution Foreign language substitutions should be requested as soon as possible, as multiple departments work together on these processes. Please visit the Foreign Language Requirement: Students with Documented Disabilities webpage for more information.
Hardship Withdrawal Petition, Tuition Forfeiture Petition Hardship withdrawal petitions are due within 2 academic years of the quarter being appealed. Please visit the Hardship Withdrawal webpage for more information. Tuition Forfeitures are due at least 2 weeks prior to the end of the quarter in which the charge is assessed. Please also visit the Tuition Forfeiture webpage for more information.
Housing Accommodations  Requests for housing accommodations are due at least 3 months prior to the anticipated move-in date. Please contact DRS if you require assistance with accommodations in UWB Housing.
Notetaking Services   Requests for notetaking services are due at least 2 weeks prior to the 1st day of classes.
Reduced Credit Load – Financial Aid Priority Appeal Requests for reduced credit loads are due at least 4 weeks prior to the 1st day of classes.
Study Abroad Requests for accommodations on study abroad trips are due in writing at least 8 weeks prior to the departure date.

Contact Information

Rosa J. Liu, M.Ed.

Manager, Veterans Services & Disability Resources for Students

  • Email:
  • Phone: 425-352-5307
  • Fax: 425-352-5114
  • Location: UW1, room 080

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Alternative Testing Center

  • Email:
  • Phone: 425-352-5426
  • Location: UW1, room 071

Foreign Language Requirement: Students with Documented Disabilities