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The Counseling Center at UWB provides mental health-related services to help students get used to college and grow to be well-adjusted, socially responsible adults. We can help them learn about their emotional and psychological development, increase their academic success by improving your personal decision-making, and resolve problems that could interfere with personal, social, and academic functioning. We emphasize prevention, development, adjustment, and wellness. We offer short-term counseling free of charge to currently-enrolled students.


In order to be in compliance with Washington State Law and to insure a safe environment for students to explore their personal concerns, all counseling services are confidential. This means that our staff will not reveal the identity of students who seek our services, will not confirm or deny a student’s participation in counseling, and will not provide any details about what has been discussed in counseling without the student’s written consent. We do not give information to parents or to other offices or departments within the university without a student’s written consent.

At the same time, the UWB Counseling Center staff wants to create a collaborative relationship with parents. We encourage parents to call the UWB Counseling Center staff or submit a CARE Team report to discuss any concerns they have about a student. A counselor can discuss all options available with the parent and mutually decide the best course of action to support their student.


We work to create a collaborative relationship with parents. Call the Counseling Center to discuss any concerns you have about your UWB student(s).  A counselor will discuss available options available with you and collaborate to find the best plan.

Need to Consult a Mental-Health Counselor?

We encourage parents and family members to consult with our staff if they believe a student is in distress and they are uncertain about how to help. If you have concerns about your UWB student’s emotions and behavior—including alcohol use, anxiety, depression, aggression, unusual behavior, or overall psychological well-being—we encourage you to speak with a professional staff member from the Counseling Center. Call our office at 425-352-3183.

Safety on Campus

If you are concerned about the safety of your child on campus, please contact Campus Safety at 425-352-5359, or visit their webpage.

A Guide for Parents and Families: Supporting Your College Student Through Mental Health Challenges


Part 1: Something is Troubling Your Student, But What?

Part 2: If Your Student is Thinking About Suicide


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