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Clinical staff

UW Bothell counselors are licensed mental health professionals and provide a broad range of treatment approaches, depending on the unique needs of each person. Approaches your counselor may use include cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, interpersonal, emotionally-focused, and other treatment that the counselor and you feel will best meet your needs. Within these approaches, counselors practice cultural humility and strive to provide counseling from the student's cultural identity to support our wonderfully diverse community.


20210930-Counseling-Staff-2021-023-Edit.jpgLillian Chen, Psy.D.

Lillian Chen is a Licensed Psychologist in Washington State (#PY 60522189). "I received my doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from University of Denver. Prior to attending graduate school in the US, I was born in Taiwan and grew up in Canada. My experience living in different countries enables me to see things from diverse lenses. I want to understand your story and the nuance of your emotional experience, help you acquire a deeper understanding of who you are, where you come from, and how you arrive at this point in life. I enjoy working with stress, anxiety, depression, identity exploration, and life transition common among college students. My clinical specialties include relationship problems, grief and loss, self-confidence, perfectionism, multicultural counseling, and acculturation stress. Due to my bicultural background, I provide bilingual counseling (English and Mandarin) and have expertise in working with Asian and international students. I’d love to work in partnership with you in finding the path that will lead to your emotional well-being and academic success. During spare time, I enjoy travelling, dancing, solving mystery and…. did I say I am a big Harry Potter fan?"

20210930-Counseling-Staff-2021-009-Edit.jpgSummer Garcia, Ph.D.

Summer Garcia is a Licensed Psychologist in Washington State (#PY 60781022). "I received my doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology from Texas Woman’s University. I value collaborating with people to find the right mix of support, encouragement, and change that works for them. I also find it important to attend to systemic factors and I strive to help people find empowerment on their path to flourishing. I have experience working with a broad range of common concerns, including depression and anxiety, as well as LGBTQIA+ concerns, relationship and sexual subcultures, undocumented students, and trauma recovery."

20210930-Counseling-Staff-2021-013-Edit.jpgAnn Ellis, M.S.

Ann Ellis is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Washington State (LH 60972706). "I am originally from Seattle; but I received my Master of Science Degree in Community Counseling from Columbus State University and lived in Georgia for 11 years.  College counseling is my specialty area and I have experience working with a wide range of topics including stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationships, LGBTQ+ issues, and military/veteran concerns. I love talking to people to understand where they’ve been, where they are, and where they hope to go.   My approach to counseling is person centered and collaborative and I hope to support and empower you on your way to reaching your personal and academic goals.  In my free time I love to travel, cook, spend time with family/friends, and pretty much anything to do with animals……especially cats and dogs!"

Randy Scott, MAEdRandy-Scott.jpg

Randy Scott is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Washington State (LH61176509). “I grew up in Kansas, but Seattle has been my home most of my life. I earned my Master of Arts in Education Degree in Counseling from Seattle University, where I also worked for several years before coming to UW Bothell. As a counselor, I believe that the stories that we tell and are told about us are powerful and shape how we see the world and our place in it. When the stories we hold are not working anymore, that’s when counseling can help. Using narrative, multicultural, and social justice-focused approaches to counseling, you and I will work together to help you reach your goals. Outside of the office I love listening to music, hiking & camping, and cooking. It is even better when I get to do all those things at the same time!”

Practicum & Intern counselors

UW Bothell Counseling Center is committed to providing training opportunities for regional students who are currently completing their masters or doctorate in a mental health field such as Counseling, Social Work or Psychology. All practicum and intern counselors are supervised by the licensed mental health counselors who are employees of the UW Bothell Counseling Center. The practicum and intern counselors offer quality and effective services to UWB students.

20210930-Counseling-Staff-2021-004.jpgSeth Carroll, B.S.

Seth Carroll is a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University Seattle. “I grew up in Virginia, moved to Massachusetts for my undergraduate education, and now I’m in Washington attending Antioch University for my doctorate and loving it so far! I’m really passionate about working with people undergoing major life transitions and developing their personal identity, sense of self, and place in the world. I believe that the role of a good therapist is to work as a coequal, collaborative partner with people to come together and actualize their goals and potential. I think good therapy requires open, friendly communication and respect with a keen awareness of power dynamics and systemic factors in the room and the world at large. My past work and areas of interest in psychology include social justice advocacy, anxiety and depression, working with LGBTQIA+ individuals, and processing interpersonal and family (found or otherwise) relationships. As far as other interests, I love musical theatre, video games, D&D, politics, and dogs (cats too, but DOGS)!”

Elle Harris, M.A.

Elle Harris is a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University Seattle. “As a young girl, I realized that baking was my favorite way to bring people together, stop time, and cherish our human capacity for connection. This was the first step in my journey to becoming a clinical psychologist. I believe in the healing power of connection, that growth is nourished in relationships of trust and emotional intimacy such as the counseling relationship, and that to seek such healing is an act of rebellion in a world that tells us to speed up, do more, and blames us for not being enough. When you come to see me, we will slow down and turn inwards together to reflect on the difficult beauty of this pivotal time in your life. I love working with young adults/college students because I passionately believe that the choices made during this time set in motion long-term patterns of relationships and living. I am here to support you through these transitions and look for more precious moments of grace in your life and to learn from you as much as you learn from me. Outside the counseling center, you can find me baking with the 'Great British Baking Show' on in the background. There might not be sugar in my office, but you will find kindness, respect, curiosity, and hope. I can’t wait to get to know you!”

20210930-Counseling-Staff-2021-021.jpgJessica Vu, B.A.

Jessica Vu is a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Master of Education student at Seattle University. "I have lived in Washington State all my life and hope to continue practicing mental health counseling in the greater Seattle area. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Washington Seattle campus. I value creating a collaborative and supportive counseling space to empower you along your journey of personal development. I find it important to intentionally create space for, and to acknowledge, the systemic factors which impact your experience. My counseling approach is solutions-focused and rooted in multicultural and social justice principles. I hope to partner alongside you on your path toward mental wellness and academic advancement through personalized advocacy methods. I speak Vietnamese conversationally, although my goal is to continue building my language skills further! In my spare time, I enjoy making coffee and tea to share, trying new foods, and traveling!"

Front desk support

UW Bothell Counseling Center serves both UW Bothell and Cascadia students in their search of mental health counseling and resources. Our Program Assistant (PA) serves as a receptionist and is dedicated to providing detailed and tailored information to all students, staff, and faculty. The PA is the one you hear or see first before speaking with our counselors. The PA can be reached via phone at 425-352-3183 or in-person at UW1- Room 080. 

Ayaka Vonil-Fish

20210930-Counseling-Staff-2021-034.jpgAyaka is the PA for the Office of Student Affairs and Counseling Center at UW Bothell. "I was born and raised in Okinawa, Japan, received a B.S. in Human Development and Family Science from The Ohio State University in 2018, and moved to Washington in 2020. Before joining UW, I worked in retail, student affairs, and healthcare. I am passionate about customer service, mental health support, military and veterans affairs, and student affairs. In my free time, I enjoy film photography and avidly playing Animal Crossing."

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