ADHD & learning disability assessment

Assessment Clinics & Practitioners 

Note: If you have been prescribed medication previously for mental health concerns, the quickest way to obtain assessment and documentation is through your healthcare provider who prescribed you the medication. If you have never received any mental health treatment before, and wish to be assessed for depression, bipolar, anxiety, PTSD, or schizophrenia (e.g. any diagnoses that are not related to ADHD or learning disabilities), the clinics and practitioners listed below also provide assessment for those diagnosis. However, the quickest way to obtain assessment and documentation is to schedule an appointment with a primary care physician or a psychiatrist and ask them to assess you. This would be faster than going through the formal psychological assessment procedure for diagnosis that are not related to ADHD or learning disabilities.


UW Learn Clinic

Psychological services and training center. Training clinic with sliding scale fees ($760-$3,700). 1-2 month waitlist.

  • Address: 3917 University Way NE, Ste 140, Seattle WA. 98105
  • Phone: (206) 543-6511
  • Website: UW Learn Clinic

Antioch Community Counseling & Psychology Clinic

Trained in a variety of clinical psychology and counseling techniques, our staff consult with you to identify the best approach for your situation. Training clinic with sliding scale fees ($300-$1,200).
2-3 week waitlist.

Uhope Assessment Services

Training clinic with sliding scale fees ($500-$3,500).

LightHeart Psychological Associates

LightHeart Psychological Associates provides therapy and assessment for children, adolescents and adults. We provide individual, family, couples, and group therapy.

Please reference the UW Seattle DRS assessment referral list for more resources and information.


Julie Stroemel, Psy.D.

  • Address: Mill Creek Christian Counseling, 16000 Bothell Everett Highway, Suite 285, Mill Creek, WA. 98012
  • Phone: (425) 279-7699
  • Website: Julie Stroemel, Psy.D.

Daniel Marks Salzer, Ph.D.

  • Address: 17311 135th Avenue NE, Suite C-100, Woodinville, WA. 98072
  • Phone: (425) 529-5967

Sally Chung, PsyD.

  • Address: Oceanside Psychological Services, PLLC, 40 Lake Bellevue Dr., Suite 100, Bellevue, WA. 98005
  • Phone: (206) 489-3151
  • Website: Sally Chung, PsyD.

Jessica Horsfall, Ph.D.

Neuropsychologist. Can contact through website messaging.

Jared Hellings, Psy.D.

Nora Thompson, Ph.D.


  • Address: 8318 196th St SW, Edmonds WA. 98026
  • Phone: (425) 640-6134, ext 2

Barrymore, Rosellini, Psy.D.

Deborah Hill, Ph.D.

  • Address: Northway East Building, Suite 504, 2150 N. 107th St., Seattle, WA. 98133
  • Phone: (206) 364-6565
  • Website: Deborah Hill, Ph.D.

Elizabeth MacKenzie, Ph.D.

Fredric Provenzano, Ph.D.

Julie Davies, Ph.D.

Karen Sanders, Ph.D.


  • Two Locations in Seattle:
    • 1600 E. Jefferson Street, Suite 601, Seattle, WA. 98122
    • 1530 N. 115th Street, Suite 307, Seattle, WA. 98133
  • Phone: (206) 269-0290
  • Website: Karen Sanders, Ph.D.

Michael Sakuma, Ph.D.

  • Address: Integrative Counseling and Assessment, 3417 Fremont Ave. N, Seattle WA. 98103
  • Phone: (206) 251-8391
  • Website: Michael Sakuma, Ph.D.

Gregory E. Moy, Ph.D.

  • Address: 8318 196th St. SW Floor 2, Edmonds, WA 98026
  • Phone: 206-580-3723
  • Website: SeattleChildPsych