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Ask Holly



Do you have a question and don't know who to ask?


Text Holly your questions and she will respond to you with answers or point you in the right direction for getting your answer.  We recognize that the University is a complex place and it can be overwhelming trying to track down the right person who can help you.  Let Holly help!

Text:  (425) 906-3799


Holly Updates


How can you find out about all the amazing things happening at UW Bothell?


Holly updates are where you can receive text messages that are specific to what you want to know about.  By opting into the Holly Updates program, you will be able to select specific themes and interests you have that you want to receive texts about.  Holly will text you no more than once every two weeks for each theme you select.  You are able to change what themes you want to opt into at any point.   Holly Updates will begin sending texts October 15th.

Holly Updates: Opt In Page




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