Division of Student Affairs

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Student Affairs Department Directory



Tim Wilson, Ph.D.
Dean of Student Affairs
Phone: 425.352.3183
Email: tlw34@uw.edu

Emily Christian, Ed.D.
Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Phone: 425.352.3628
Email: emilyc24@uw.edu

Administration & Operations

Gina Christian, Ph.D.
Administrative Manager of Student Affairs
Phone: 425.352.3670
Email: glchris@uw.edu

Jessica Falk
Fiscal Specialist II
Phone: 425.352.3814
Email: jh26@uw.edu

Azadeh Keshavarzi
Fiscal Specialist I
Phone: 425.352.3924
Email: azadehk@uw.edu

Pamela Fletcher
Program Coordinator
Phone: 425.352.3776
Email: pfletch@uw.edu

Ayaka Vonil-Fish
Program Assistant
Phone: 425.352.3183
Email: ajvf@uw.edu

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Activities & Recreation Center


Madison Collins
Director of ARC
Phone: 425.352.5041
Email: mcolli5@uw.edu

Jasmine Chatten
Assistant Director of ARC
Phone: 425.352.3818
Email: jchatten@uw.edu

ARC Programming

Jama'l Chukueke
Associate Director of Programming
Phone: 425.352.3551
Email: chukueke@uw.edu

Jessica Elsaid
Program Manager - Fitness
Phone: 425.352.3828
Email: jelsaid@uw.edu

Ryan VanderVegt
ARC Liaison
Phone: 425.352.5145
Email: ryanv441@uw.edu




Jennifer Grasso
Program Manager - Outdoor Wellness
Phone: 425.352.5008
Email: jkgrasso@uw.edu

Matthew Cooley
Program Manager - Intramurals
Phone: 425.352.3686
Email: mcool4@uw.edu

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Career Services

Kim Wilson
Director of Career Services
Phone: 425.352.5306
Email: kwilson2@uw.edu

Rafael Delgado
Assistant Director of Career Services
Phone: 425.352.5092
Email: radel2@uw.edu

Will Radcliffe
Career and Internship Specialist
Phone: 425.352.3632
Email: willbr3@uw.edu

Dakota Bennett
Career and Internship Specialist
Phone: 425.352.3469
Email: dakota3@uw.edu

Natural Sciences & Pre-Health Career Coach

Yasemin Bolstad
STEM Graduate Career Counselor
Phone: 425.352.5490
Email: ybolstad@uw.edu 

Susan Vinson
Employer Relations Manager
Phone: 425.352.5408
Email: svinson@uw.edu

Nancy Sikora
Program Assistant
Phone: 425.352.5210
Email: nsikora@uw.edu

Professional Experience Program Advisor
Phone: 425.3525311

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Counseling, Health, and Wellness

Bernie Hershberger, Ph.D.
Counseling Center Interim Director
Phone: 425.352.3582
Email: bhersh@uw.edu


Lillian Chen, Psy.D.
Phone: 425.352.3183
Email: lchen20@uw.edu

Summer Garcia, Ph.D.
Phone: 425.352.3183
Email: sg88@uw.edu


Ann Ellis, M.S.
Licensed Mental Health Therapist
Phone: 425.352.3183
Email: ahoward@uw.edu

Ayaka Vonil-Fish
Program Assistant
Phone: 425.352.3183
Email: ajvf@uw.edu

Health & Wellness

Jo Blue Voss
Manager of Health and Wellness Resource Center (HaWRC)
Phone: 425.352.5190
Email: joblue@uw.edu

Elizabeth Wilmerding
Violence Prevention & Advocacy Program Manager
Phone: 425.352.3851
Email: ewilmerd@uw.edu
Email: uwbvae@uw.edu

United Way AmeriCorps VISTA

Wendi Maze
Case Manager for Student Success
Phone: 425.352.3994
Email: wmaze@uw.edu


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Orientation and Transition Programs (OTP)

Terry Hill
Director of Orientation & Transition Programs
Phone: 425.352.3868
Email: terryh@uw.edu

Carrie Newman
Assistant Director of Orientation Program
Phone: 425.352.5175
Email: newmanc2@uw.edu

Jerry Chan
Staff Support Supervisor
Phone: 425.352.5304
Email: jc2012@uw.edu

Emily Leonard
Program Manager
Phone: 425.352.3647
Email: leonardn@uw.edu

Mary Tran
Peer Coach Program Assistant
Email: tranmary@uw.edu

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Residential Life and Student Conduct

Katie Horowitz
Director of Residential Life & Student Conduct
Phone: 425.352.5470
Email: kdewilde@uw.edu

Mary Toll
Assistant Director of Residential Life & Student Conduct
Phone: 425.352.3346
Email: tollmj@uw.edu

Program Manager
Phone: 425.352.3735

Afton Lopez
Resident Director
Phone: 425.352.3391
Email: aelopez@uw.edu

Karan Sandhu
Resident Director
Phone: 425.352.5398
Email: kksandhu@uw.edu

Alex Hagar-DeMeyer
Conduct Officer
Email: alexh04@uw.edu 

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Student Engagement and Activities (SEA)

Sam Al-Khoury
Director of Student Engagement & Activities
Phone: 425.352.5360
Email: sea2@uw.edu

Carla Christensen
Assistant Director
Phone: 425.352.5264
Email: carla24@uw.edu

Julius Rodriguez
Program Manager
Phone: 425.352.3735
Email: odriguez@uw.edu

Pauline Tolentino
Program Manager
Phone: 425.352.3518
Email: ptolent@uw.edu

Devin Phinazee
Program Manager
Phone: 425.352.3899
Email: dphinaz@uw.edu

Jorge Azpeitia
Program Manager
Phone: 425.352.5006
Email: jra29@uw.edu

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Veterans Services and Disability Resources

Rosa J. Liu, M.Ed.
Manager of Veterans Services & Disability Resources for Students
Phone: 425.352.5307
Email: rosal@uw.edu

Alice LeFlore, M.A.
Program Coordinator
Phone: 425.352.5426
Email: uwbdrs@uw.edu | leflore7@uw.edu

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