Electrical Engineering Forms

Independent Study and Independent Research 

Many undergraduate EE students sign up for independent study (B EE 498) and independent research (B EE 499) with the electrical engineering faculty. Up to 10 credits of B EE 498 and 499 can be used towards electrical engineering electives.  



Complete research and independent study contracts can be emailed to saramcd@uw.edu or turned in to the School of STEM Undergraduate Academic Services front desk, Discovery Hall 352. 

Checklist & course planner

This checklist is intended as an advising document only, not a formal contract. Current undergraduate students should refer to their degree audit for the most up to date information regarding their degree progress.


The Course Planner is a tentative document and subject to change. For the most up to date course offerings please see the UW Bothell Time Schedule. 



Current B EE students can use these forms to petition degree requirements. 

  • B EE Course Substitution Petition: for requesting a waiver of any program requirement.
  • Prerequisite Waiver:  for requesting a waiver to take a course without meeting the prerequisite requirements.  Please note: students will still be required to complete all necessary EE program requirements even if waiver is approved.


If you have questions while filling out any of these forms, please contact our office.