Kelly Carter-Lynn, Biology Lab Coordinator


Kelly provides direct lab instructional support by coordinating lab and field-based labs for biology curricular areas. Kelly promotes a culture of safety and ensures compliance with lab safety regulations. She engages with faculty to aid in the planning and development of existing and new lab courses and activities. She also purchases, operates and maintains laboratory instruments and equipment; and supervises and trains student lab assistants.


B.Sc. (Honors) Marine Biology, Memorial University of Newfoundland
M.Sc. Biology, Memorial University of Newfoundland

North Pacific Groundfish Observer Alaska
Idaho Department of Fish and Game – Fisheries Management Technician
University of Hawaii Center West Hawaii – Academic Support Laboratory Coordinator
University of Hawaii Center West Hawaii – Part Time Instructor Division of Math and Natural Sciences

Job responsibilities

  • Coordinate lab support for biology curricular areas
  • Promote safety culture and ensure compliance with lab safety regulations
  • Aid faculty in lab planning and development
  • Purchase, operate and maintain lab equipment and supplies
  • Train and supervise student lab assistants