Lab Policies and Access


Labs are located in UW1 (Founders Hall) 302, 310, 320, 321A and 321B. Lab access is restricted to students taking CSS classes and only granted for the quarter in which a student is enrolled in CSS classes. Note: Undergraduate access to room 302 is only granted through the permission of a CSS professor, and graduate student access renews every quarter the student is enrolled.  

Students may use the labs during building hours, posted on the building entrances. Building hours differ during summer and quarterly breaks, and close during campus holidays.

For support questions and to report any issues with the equipment in the labs, send an email to


Students access CSS computer labs using their Husky Card. If you have issues accessing any of the CSS labs, review the information below to resolve the problem.

To Unlock a Lab

  1. Tap your UW Husky Card on the card reader next to the door.

  2. Listen for a click (the red light on card reader should blink).

  3. Pull open the door (Note: the door handle will not turn).

Card Not Working?

Bring your Husky Card to Campus Safety to activate the chip. Campus Safety is located in the Library Annex Room 005 (LB2 005) and operate 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Their office is located downstairs, below the bookstore and underneath the overpass that connects to the North Creek Events Center.

If Campus Safety cannot activate the card, contact one of the following:

Replacement Cards

To replace your Husky Card, go to the Husky Card ID Center in Husky Hall. You may be required to show your legal photo identification to obtain a replacement card. A nonrefundable fee of $25 is charged for replacement of lost, stolen or damaged Husky Cards and must be paid at the Cashier’s Office in Husky Hall prior to replacement of the card.