Chemistry student wins scholarship

UWB Chemistry student wins ACS scholarship and 4 students present research at American Chemical Society's Undergraduate Symposium

ACS scholarship winner Taryn Meacham

The Puget Sound chapter of the American Chemical Society (ACS) held their annual Undergraduate Research Symposium on April 25, 2015, at Pacific Lutheran University. Four UWB students—Angela Angelevska, Virkamal Dhaliwal, Xin Gao and Anthony Stillman—presented the results of their research in Biochemistry and Environmental Chemistry. A highlight of the day was Taryn Meacham being awarded an ACS scholarship to be used towards her undergraduate Chemistry education at UWB!

  • Angela Angelevska presented "Developing an analytical cryofocusing method to measure volatile organic compounds in ambient air." Her research mentor is UWB Chemistry Professor Dan Jaffe.
  • Virkamal Dhaliwal presented "Expression and purification of homing endonuclease I-LtrWI." Her research mentor is UWB Biochemistry Professor Lori Robins.
  • Anthony Stillman and Xin Gao presented "Sulfur leaving group kinetic isotope effects for the butyrylcholinesterase-catalyzed hydrolysis of formylthiocholine." Their research mentor is UWB Biochemistry Professor Lori Robins.