Graduate Certificate in Electrical Engineering Foundations

Learn about the program from Alumnus Paul Marsh, GCEEF (’16) and MSEE (‘18). Read details from the Q&A interview.


The Graduate Certificate in Electrical Engineering Foundations (GCEEF) provides fundamental concepts of electrical engineering in a six-course sequence. Students will be introduced to tools, programs and simulation techniques that are used to solve engineering challenges, while developing the skills and knowledge needed for further work or study in electrical engineering. 

These courses are created from critical points of a BSEE core curriculum at a pace and intensity that is reflective of, and appropriate for, a post-baccalaureate student. The Graduate Certificate in Electrical Engineering Foundations provides a strong background that students may leverage in their current occupations or move into an EE related field.

Successful completion of the three quarter, intensive GCEEF program provides a pathway for students educated in a wide range of STEM disciplines to enroll in the Master of Science in Electrical Engineering at UW Bothell.

What you'll learn

  • Important aspects of the theory, design, analysis, and application of DC and AC circuits
  • The basics of digital logic, including Boolean algebra, Karnaugh maps, and binary, octal and hexadecimal number systems
  • Characteristics and application of electronic devices, including small-signal and large-signal analysis, operational amplifiers and design of digital logic circuits
  • Basic power system analytical concepts and the representation and classifications of continuous and discrete time signals
  • Embedded systems from hardware and software perspectives and how they interact to accomplish real-world tasks.

Program Features

  • Participate in lab sessions using industry-standard simulation software
  • Complete the Graduate Certificate in one year
  • Evening classes that meet the needs of working professionals.
  • Designed for Individuals who want to pursue a master’s degree in electrical engineering or strengthen their skills in the discipline.

Fast Facts on GCEEF Alumni


  • 65% of our students attend the program in preparation for the MSEE degree at UW Bothell
  • 88.2% of graduates plan to earn a master's degree, 11.8% a doctoral degree
  • Program Relevance to current employment is relatively evenly split between those whose work directly relates (slightly more graduates) and those whose work somewhat relates to their graduate certificate education
  • $11,000 is the average bonus received after completing the certificate program (of those that reported receiving a bonus)
  • 100% of our graduates are employed full time or attending graduate school
  • 82% of our graduates are employed in Washington state
  • 100% of our graduates highly recommend or recommend UW Bothell

Application Deadline

Autumn 2023

July 5

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