For Students Enrolled in the Secondary and Middle Level Teacher Certification M.Ed.

The endorsements areas focused on in the Secondary and Middle Level program (General Science, Biology, English/Language Arts, History, Math, and Social Studies), qualify a graduate to teach in grades 5-12 in those subject areas. Middle Level Endorsements enable an individual to teach in grades 4-9 in a specific subject area for which they are not already endorsed. 

Washington State recognizes Middle Level Endorsements in:

  • Middle Level Humanities (a combination of English and Social Studies)
  • Middle Level Math
  • Middle Level Science

Integrated throughout required coursework the Secondary and Middle Level Teacher Certification M.Ed. are the core competencies of Middle Level instruction:

  • Instructional Methodology
  • Student Development
  • School Organization and Philosophy
  • Family and Community Involvement
  • Professional Roles

Student may pursue the following Middle Level Endorsements in specific subject areas in conjunction with their primary endorsement area while enrolled in the program.

Students pursuing this
Secondary Endorsement
May also earn this
Middle Level Endorsement
 English/Language Arts ML-Humanities
 Social Studies ML-Humanities

All candidates for Middle Level endorsements are required to pass the appropriate WEST-E test before they begin their Field Experience Autumn quarter of the program's second year.

To Register and for more information on the WEST-E tests, visit the WEST-E Website.

The following is a list of the corresponding WEST-E test numbers.  

  • Middle Level Humanities 010 and 011
  • Middle Level Math 012
  • Middle Level Science 013 

If you would like to pursue a Middle Level Endorsement, please contact Jon Howeiler, Secondary and Middle Level Field Placement Coordinator, as soon as possible after you have been admitted to the program.