Biology Endorsement Requirements

Biology Endorsement Requirements

Why an Endorsement?

Washington state teachers must be certified to teach and must hold an endorsement in a teaching subject. To be eligible for an endorsement, applicants must complete college-level coursework in their endorsement subject to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of various topics in the discipline. Specific endorsement competency areas are outlined by the State of Washington Professional Educator Standards Board.

Biology Endorsement Course Requirements

  • Biology Introductory Course Sequence - 2-3 courses*
  • Biology with Laboratory requirement - 2 courses
  • Anatomy & Physiology - 1 course
  • Ecosystems - 1 course
  • Evolution or Genetics - 1 course
  • Microbiology - 1 course
  • Molecular Biology - 1 course
  • Calculus or Statistics
  • Earth or Space Science - 1 course
  • Chemistry Introductory Course Sequence - 2-3 courses*
  • Physics Introductory Course Sequence - 2-3 courses*
  • Social Justice Issues in Science - 1 course
  • Laboratory Internship or faculty-mentored research 

*Depends on institution (semester or quarter school)

Additional Requirements

  • Courses with a minimum grade of 2.0 will be accepted
  • 100-level or higher community college or university course level will be accepted
  • Courses may fulfill more than one content area requirement (Example: B BIO 370 Microbiology with Laboratory would fulfill the Molecular Biology requirement and a Biology with Laboratory requirement)
  • Because courses may fulfill multiple requirements, students must complete a minimum of 45 quarter credits or 30 semester credits of coursework in Biology (a major in Biology is not required)

Transcript Review

It is strongly recommended that applicants work with an admissions or School of Educational Studies advisor to complete an endorsement area transcript review to determine if any course requirements are missing.

Applicants may be asked to submit a syllabus to determine whether a course meets endorsement area competencies.