Secondary & Middle Level Teacher Certification Post-Baccalaureate

group of students around a table working on a poster togetherSecondary & Middle Level Teacher Certification Post-Baccalaureate

Secondary & Middle Level Teacher Certification Admissions Pause

The School of Educational Studies has approved a temporary suspension of admissions to the Secondary & Middle Level Teacher Certification Post-Baccalaureate. The program will be paused for two years (2022-2023; 2023-2024). Currently-enrolled students are not affected. We are reevaluating a program delivery model that will best serve our students, local school districts, and community. Please check back for further updates as they become available.

The Secondary & Middle Level Teacher Certification Program prepares students to become certified high school or middle school teachers in the state of Washington. Upon completion of this program, students will meet all of the requirements to be recommended for Washington State Residency teacher certification.


Washington state secondary teachers must be endorsed in a specific content area. UW Bothell supports the following endorsements: 

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