Meet your 2018-2019 Campus Event Board Team!

Saiwa Conejo, Chairwoman


Hello! My name is Saiwa Conejo (she/her/hers). My favorite food is Sundubu-jjigae and ramen. In my free time I like working out, hanging out with friends or trying out new things. I’m a first year graduate student at UWB studying Policy Studies. I’ve been on CEB for three years now. I joined CEB my first year to be more involved on campus because school alone was not as fun. The idea of planning events seemed cool but now I realized, it's better than cool. It's purposeful! Excited for the year!


Clara Barsoom, Entertainment Programmer


Hello! My name is Clara Barsoom (she/her/hers). My favorite food is all foods! Pink is my favorite color. I love singing, working out, shopping and hanging out with friends. I joined CEB because I love planning events, especially when the goal is to unite students together! I look forward to all events!


Krissy Oh, Public Relations Programmer


Hello! My name is Krissy Oh (she her/hers). Korean food is my favorite food and blue is my favorite color. In my free time I play the violin. This is my second year here at UWB and my first year I joined CEB to gain communication skills and to learn how to work as a team.

Ginny Liu, Special Events Programmer


Hello! My name is Ginny Liu (she her/hers). Favorite food? Chocolate. My favorite color is pink. Outside of school I enjoy cooking, baking, watching movies or traveling. I joined CEB because I want to be an event planner in the future and I want to bring the community together through events we plan.

Alyssa King, Social Justice Programmer


Hello! My name is Alyssa King (she/her/hers). I like trying new food. My favorite color is green and blue. My hobbies are singing, writing songs and poems, spending time with family, working out and cooking. I joined CEB because I love social justice and activism, and how the two come together in event planning. I am excited to bring some dope events to campus for our students!


Anwar Aminuddin, Marketing & Graphic Designer


Hey, my name is Anwar Aminuddin (he/him/his). My favorite food is salted egg fried squid. My favorite color is dark yellow. In my free time I like playing piano, guitar, video games and frisbee. This is my first quarter here at UWB and I am majoring in Computer Science Engineering. This is my first year on CEB, I joined to make more connections on campus. I love meeting new people and making new friends! What's life without people to share it with?


Pauline Tolentino, Adviser


Kumusta! My name is Pauline Tolentino (she/her/hers). I was born in the Philippines, but am a Midwesterner at heart, having lived in Detroit and Chicago. A love for leadership, education, diversity, and social justice lead me to pursue degrees from Loyola University Chicago and Seattle University, which then led to a working in higher education and student development. As the Program Manager advising CEB, I am fueled by an excitement to serve with and for others at UW Bothell, to support and empower folx to learn, lead, and succeed through fun events. In my free time, I enjoy helping my daughter, Marisol, to explore and learn, eating sushi and Filipino fried food, reading historical romance novels, cross-stitching, DIY projects, and baking/cooking.