Student Engagement & Activities

Social Justice

Student Engagement & Activities directly contributes to a campus climate and culture that celebrates diversity. We are committed to creating educational programs/events that promote awareness and understanding of diversity, equity, social justice, historically underrepresented communities, and much more. Contact for more information.

Social Justice Organizers

Social Justice Organizers (SJOs) are student leaders dedicated to creating and promoting a campus climate and culture that respects and celebrates diversity and equity. We are committed to educational programs and events that foster awareness and understanding of race, gender, sexuality, ability, social justice, power and privilege, student voice, and much more. SJOs also collaborate closely with diversity and equity programs and clubs across campus. Contact for more information.

Intercultural Coordinators

Intercultural Coordinators (ICCs) are current international and domestic students who are here to offer opportunities for stude...nts to share experience across different cultures and social groups at the University of Washington Bothell. We offer variety of events and activities for both domestic students and international students, and encourage intercultural communication. We started in 2012 as International Student Facilitators. And We renewed as Intercultural Coordinator from this summer 2015 to offer more diversity program and focus on intercultural education. Contact for more information.

IDEA Project - Identity, Dialogue, Expression, Action

Located in UW1-161.

Founded by UWB students, IDEA Project honors the many experiences and talents of our diverse student population. It is a space for students to meet, to design and coordinate events, projects, and programs, and to collaborate on initiatives for student expression and voice. Social Justice Organizers and International Student Facilitators invite you to drop in, visit our lending library, or schedule a meeting in the space by emailing

Facilitations, Dialogues & Trainings

Discussions on diversity facilitated by the Social Justice Organizers provide students and the campus an opportunity to engage in discussion on themes including race, gender, class, power, privilege, systems, and intersectionality. Our Dine-n-Dialogue series regularly offers students the chance to explore new topics and concepts in a community space over lunch! SJO and SEA staff also consult with campus departments to develop and collaborate on workshops, trainings, and more. Email with questions or ideas.

Cross Cultural Engagement Retreat

The purpose of the Cross Cultural Engagement Retreat is to provide students with the opportunity to deeply engage in conversations around cultural differences. Students will participate in an atmosphere of open dialogue on multiculturalism; promote a deeper understanding of and respect for others; and will listen and reflect on diverse beliefs, values, attitudes, behaviors, and emotions for the purpose self-awareness and reflective citizenship.

ARC Community Resource Center

Located in ARC-120.

Founded in Winter 2016, ARC Community Resource Center (ACRC) is a space where Cascadia and UW Bothell students can connect to local social justice, diversity, and support resources. ACRC serves as a resource to our shared campus community by providing information, referrals, advocacy workshops, coordination, and support for social justice-related events, activities, initiatives, and discussions.The space offers students access to computers, a lending library, referrals to campus and community resources, and advocacy workshops throughout the year. Resources and partial staffing coverage will be rolled out on an ongoing basis. Open during regular business hours. Email with questions or ideas.