Student Engagement & Activities



Student Engagement and Activities has many events that recognize and celebrate leadership on our campus.

Universal Leadership Conference (ULC)

The Universal Leadership Conference (ULC) is a student-run conference that provides leadership experience and training for college students. The programming for this conference offers students a variety of opportunities to understand and reflect on the interconnectedness of service, social justice, and leadership. The goal of the Universal Leadership Conference is to help students understand and better themselves, their peers, and their community.

Professional Leadership Certificate (PLC)

The Professional Leadership Certificate is designed to introduce students to basic leadership principles and build them into dedicated, articulate, ethical and confident leaders. The purpose of this certificate is for students to be able to demonstrate and articulate leadership and professionalism competencies that professionals are looking for in entry level professional positions. The program culminates in a leadership professionalism certificate and workshops can be completed online through Canvas.

Women in Leadership

Every year SEA celebrates and honors all women who empower others and drive to make change happen. Nomination applications become available every year during February. Anyone who wants to nominate women student, staff, or faculty that display these characteristics are encouraged to do so.

Leadership Awards

Over the course of the year, UW Bothell students have served the campus and broader community in myriad roles, both individually and as part of organizations. To recognize their many efforts, Student Life invites faculty, staff, and students to nominate students and teams of students who have made positive contributions to the campus and its surrounding communities. Awards include:

  • Outstanding Student Leader of the Year (Three Award Recipients)
  • Outstanding Contribution to Community Service
  • Outstanding Contribution to Social Justice & Diversity
  • Outstanding Team
  • Outstanding Social Justice Program of the Year
  • Outstanding Social Program/Activity of the Year
  • Outstanding Awareness Program of the year

Etiquette Dinner

The Etiquette Dinner is an opportunity for students to learn about proper dining etiquette while networking with professionals. A three course meal will be served over discussion and a presentation by special guests. This event is sponsored by Student Engagement & Activities and the Career Center.