Report a Violation

Complaint Form

If you believe someone has violated an Election related policy or procedure (outlined in the Elections Policies and Procedures Packet) please submit a Complaint Form (All violation allegations must be submitted through this form).

If you have inquiries about submitting a complaint or following up on a submitted complaint, please contact the Elections Committee Chair at: Do not submit complaints via email.

Campaign Complaint Policy

1. Complaint Forms are due by 3:00 pm on Thursday, May 2nd and can be submitted via Complaint Form.
2. When the Elections Committee is notified of an allegation, Elections Committee will then notify the candidate by email.
3. Anyone who submits a complaint is responsible for providing proof of a violation. The Elections Committee will not investigate further without proof. The Elections Committee will hold a hearing with the alleged violator with all parties involved.
4. The Elections Committee will then make a decision about the consequence or remedy of the complaint.
5. The consequence or remedy will be chosen in consideration of the nature and impact of the complaint.
6. Elections Committee will then email candidate with their decision. If candidate wishes to appeal the decision they will have 2 days to submit a request to the Elections Committee.