Spring Elections Candidates


Here are the candidates for the Spring Elections:


Constitutional Amendment Proposal

President        Vice President 

Director of Community Relations 

Director of Internal Affairs 

Director of Outreach and Marketing 

Director of Student Advocacy 

Internal Affairs Senator 

Outreach Senator

Student Advocacy Senator


Alyssa King 


Lets keep it REAL

I am running for ASUWB because I am tired. Tired of seeing blatant hate crimes targeting our muslim students and administration not taking action. Tired of this institution advertising diversity yet there is no equity nor inclusivity. Tired of students of color being displaced out of one of the only environments in which they felt safe.

My vision is to work in unity with our students and RISE (Restructure Institutions through Social Equity) as one with our students. If part of student government, I would hope to;

-improve the accessibility, transparency and solidarity of administration and ASUWB, 
-actively ensure the security and safety of our students, 
-implement more affordable and option friendly food options, 
-hold public forums/town halls each quarter (to best represent ALL student voices) 
-improve parking/ the cost of parking 
-provide more student centered spaces to be more inclusive ALL students 
-Accessibility of resources and support for the marginalized communities here on campus

Given my experiences as an Social Justice Organizer and as a student assistant at the Diversity Center I have actively engaged with students and different organizations. Being in these student leadership positions has allotted me the opportunity to gain insight on what our students needs are and how we can go about meeting all of these needs. 

Lilla Watson once said, “If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is tied up with mine, then let us work together.” I believe that it is imperative that we all understand the system of power, privilege and oppression. In order, to dismantle these systems we need to understand that our liberation individually is aligned with our liberation as a whole. This is where understanding one’s privilege and and using it in allyship comes into play.

So I am asking you to please, unite in this fight for restructuring institutions through Social equity and RISE with your fellow peers in building constant and equitable change. Let’s keep it REAL, change adds up.

Be REAL (Respect, Equity, Awareness/Advocacy, Liberation/Learning)

Alyssa King for President

Leah Shin


Spoke Huskies: Connect, Create, Change

There is a strong need on-campus to connect, create, and implement change. For the past three years in ASUWB I’ve served as a First-Year Senator, Director of Public Relations, and Vice President. In those roles I have initiated projects like launching Peach Food Delivery service, curating ConnectUWB on Facebook with over 800 individuals joining, driving ASUWB’s structure to provide student leadership opportunities, and relaunching the Student Academic Enrichment Funds Program.

Through these years, I realize that making an impactful change on campus may be a slow and grueling process. However, with this being my last and final year as a Husky it is my duty as your spokeswoman to continue representing your voice and ensuring our movements will be completed to its best ability.

I am running as your ASUWB student body President with the #SpokeHuskies team because there is so much more we need to do together—

Change is needed for Justice, Equity, and Accessibility; We plan to make ASUWB’s platforms accessible to students who speak English as a second language, work to create an Emergency Support fund for students facing financial insecurity, and launch Inclusion Campaigns hoping to institutionalize cultural competency training and increasing awareness for inter-sectional identities.

Change is needed for Community Engagement; We plan to create an online Common space where students can create, sign, and send petitions on whatever issues they are passionate about, organize open discussions with ASUWB, and work with Administration to implement office hours in student space.

Change is needed for Funding; We plan to address concerns voiced in UWB’s Financial Aid Office, launch a textbook drive/communicate open educational resources, and provide transparency to students on where our tuition dollars are going.

Change is needed for Empowerment; We plan to host a Women of Color Summit, streamline UWB Leaders to increase student leadership opportunities, and host a Civic Leadership Speaking Series.

Change is needed for Student Life; We plan to support student employees and advocate for an increase in the 19.5 hours/week max, provide more affordable/diverse food options, and establish feasible health/safety solutions.

#SpokeHuskies are here to stay spoke and lead change

Dion  Thompson 


Leaders the Students can Believe In. Leaders that Inspire Change. Leaders that Inspire Hope.

As a student on this campus and former ASUWB representative, I believe that the students are not represented in a manner that reflects the issues they face. The students desire better leadership for the next school year, thus they want stronger leaders that don’t turn their backs on them once they are elected. I’m stepping up once again to ensure that the issues we all face are acted on. The current cycle needs to stop as students are upset given the nature of the issues they face. Listing all the issues would take too much space, so I’m not going to include them all.

I have seen the issues first hand. Several wonderful student leaders told me that the bureaucracy for getting funds for clubs is extremely difficult to get around and that they must plan an event two or more quarters in advance. The same people have also told me that student engagement in their organizations is lacking because of the rules imposed on them by UWB. Students have also told me that the administration gets in their way to accomplishing their goals as a student leader. Other students don’t even know the acronym of our student government, ASUWB and some people do not even realize that ASUWB even exists.

The ASUWB claims that they represent the students, yet members of student organizations have never been reached out to by an ASUWB representative. Student involvement in all the organizations is half the campus, whereas active involvement is much less than that, and ASUWB isn’t talking to them?

I’ve been told that I am only one that has gotten to know most of the student leaders on this campus for the sake of solving issues. These leaders have a great understanding of what the issues are, and I have assessed the issues that are stated above. Therefore, my team and I are going to work on projects directly related to those issues.

A new cycle of student government is about to begin, and I am going to work as hard as I can to see it happen.


Vice President 

Shugla Kakar 


Spoke Huskies: Connect, Create, Change

Fellow students— my name is Shugla Kakar and I am running for Vice President position in ASUWB hoping to represent you and become your spokeswoman! I am a passionate, devoted and ambitious individual that will truly make a difference and listen to your concerns and make changes where needed if that may be campus safety, transparency or diversity. I want the students of UWB to be heard. First and foremost, this University is for students; however, it is run by administrators which can create a disconnect between students, faculty, staff, and the future of UWB. This gap is what I intend to bridge. I want to empower all on campus to make their voices loud and clear, to tell their stories, and to find a channel through which to engage issues they are passionate about.

In my term as the Vice President for the 2018-2019 academic year I will ensure that every student can find their home on campus and have the confidence to feel like their voice has been listened to and makes a difference on campus. Me and the rest of my #SpokeHuskies team will do this by creating new opportunities for students from across campus to meet people different from themselves. We will review old, outdated ways that ASUWB typically serves students, and when necessary, we will make room for new initiatives that better meet the needs and expectations of the students here and now.

In my time at UWB I held many different student leadership positions such as Orientation Leader, Health Educator Reaching Out (HERO), ASUWB Sophomore Senator, and Muslim Student Association Co-President. These roles have prepared me to take on the role of Vice President of ASUWB and execute this role in a way that has the students best interest at heart.

I am here to represent and foster student voice! It will be an honor to represent the students here on-campus and I’ll do everything in my power to make your needs my top priority.

Duha Mohamed 


Lets keep it REAL-Respect, Equity, Advocacy/Awareness, Liberation/Learning

I wanted to become a member of ASUWB to be a catalyst for change at UWB. A lot has happened over the last three years that I have been here and I no longer can stay silent. I want to actively exemplify diversity and inclusion on campus so when those titles are used there is truth behind them. I want to ensure safety and security in a communal aspect were accountability is clear. And I want to provide accessibility, transparency and solidarity amongst our community so we can learn from our past mistakes and make sure we are moving forward in the REAL direction.

Mason F. Parker 

Building up Bothell

In actuality, there are a great many things I want to accomplish in my tenure on ASUWB, but I won’t stop with my ideas alone. In my three years on this campus, I’ve personally grown in my understanding of the delicate issues on this campus. With the support from, and in direct support of, our clubs and unity groups on campus, I believe we can enhance the college experience offered at Bothell. I have spoken directly with and mused over viable solutions with much of the campus leadership group. With regards to safety, health, food availability, club funding, and the inclusion of more diverse teaching methods and actors, all of these problems stem to 2 overarching hiring issues. 
The first being clear communication and couriership. The student government is responsible for understanding student needs and relaying them to the powers that be. Not only doing this effectively, but persuasively. The powers that be, are still the powers that be, and communicating well with them, as well as students will yield a more fruitful result. 
The Second issue is go forwardness, clubs need more funding and the ability to garnish their own funds. This is an easy fix with the proper amount of effort. Office hours and student government should be more transparent; they should, hopefully, come to you a bit more frequently. UW Seattle’s Body President Osman Salahuddin and myself studied together in Rome. He offered me a lot of insight into proper student leadership and how we should best move forward. 
Finally, I hope you all have a great tenure at this University. It is a wonderful campus that offers great recourses to the community. With your support, we can build upon the cornerstone in place and enhance the structure as a whole. Thank you for reading.

Mason Parker


Director of Community Relations

Rayyan Hussain 


Spoke Huskies: Connect. Create. Change

They say that these four years at college are supposed to be the best four years of our lives; and that these years will lead us to success post-college. The truth is that most people have the means of making their college experience ‘woke’ but they do not have the proper channels and proper access to it. The problem is that most people are not involved due to lack of communication from this campus. As a candidate for Director of Community Relations, I wish to be a part of a process that has one goal: to better the experience for all students. I want to be the channel of communication for our class to not only the administration, faculty, staff, and students but also for the entire communities surrounding UWB.

As they say, your college experience is only what you make of it. For me, ASUWB is not a job; it is a passion. In such a diverse University, we cannot leave behind anyone’s opinion or needs and I would do my best to represent every student at UWB.

I believe I am a strong candidate because of my past experiences on ASUWB as well as my other endeavors that have led me to where I am today. As Sophomore Senator, I helped bridge our UW Bothell with other campuses through providing more accessibility of products that cannot be found here. I also sit on multiple committees and manage budgeting to ensure that our student funds are going to good use. Finally, I also aided the team in the creation as well as the implementation of the new ASUWB constitution.

Outside of ASUWB, I founded DAMM (Digital Arts and Media Marketing Club) with other great individuals on this campus to inform, include, and involve the student body. Through this club, we have created countless connections with not only other clubs, but also professional staff and the community around us.

As the Director of Community Relations, I would strive to provide improvements to this campus in areas that need much improvement such as food, health, and parking. In addition to this, I will make sure that we better the sense of security and safety as well as strengthen our diversity on this campus. Finally, as DCR, I will advocate for a closer and more inclusive community by shortening the gap between students, pro-staff, and the community around this campus.

With all that being said, I have found people who are like-minded and have that same burning passion for this campus as I do. To that, I have decided to run with the a team that I believe in and one that I believe can make change on this campus; Spoke Huskies.

Connect. Create. Change.


Umar Shah


Community always ends with Unity.

I am running to be a part of student gov. as my fourth term and the reason I am going for reelection is to make sure that all of the new initiatives students have came up comes to fruition and the administration at UW Bothell is held accountable to making an action plan for the initiatives. From My time working in the institution I have noticed students be belittled, dismissed and blatantly disregarded. That is something that I believe to be unacceptable. For such reasons I am running to make sure that the students feel heard, empowered and that the issues of students are taken very seriously. I am here for the students and to make sure that we are accommodated in all of our needs.


Director of Internal Affairs 

Nadia Mabrouk 


Spoke Huskies: Connect, Create, Change

I've moved around a lot. I have attended 9 schools on either side of the country, 4 colleges, and 2 schools overseas. In three of these areas, I have served on student council/government. Having experienced so many incredibly different school approaches and systems, I’ve seen firsthand what works best and what doesn’t when it comes to student involvement. UWB is an amazing campus with a plethora of involvement activities, but it is still too easy for people to be unaware of opportunities that can help them progress academically, mentally, and professionally. For a while, I was one of these students-content with going to school and coming back home, not knowing what I could be doing to further myself. After joining a leadership program in the past year, I’ve realized that there is so much to be done to ensure that every student on campus has access to opportunities to become leaders in their fields. As Director of Internal Affairs, my goal would be to make these opportunities more widely available to everyone. Because the position involves academic enhancement fund management and allocation, my accounting background would ensure that this aspect is facilitated properly. I also want to increase student enthusiasm for going out and being a part of something that can improve themselves, instead of just coming to classes and going home. UWB is a wonderful resource for us to utilize, and I want every student to become the best they can be. 
I am proud to be a part of our wonderful campus and community. 

Maria Raza


Let's Get REAL (Respect, Awareness, Advocacy, Learning)

Hey UWB!

It has been a privilege working for you these past two years as Freshman and Sophomore class Senator and it gives me great pleasure to announce that I will be running for ASUWB’s Director of Internal Affairs! As Director of Internal Affairs I aim to provide the students of UWB with the most inclusive and safe experience on campus. We all want representatives to deliver, I understand that wholeheartedly and it is my goal to make sure the students at UWB have access to the best opportunities.

As a representative, my job is to help students feel safe on this campus. Last year I helped create a survey that makes it clear to the administration students perspectives on campus safety. I will create safe spaces for diverse people to share these experiences, and educate other students around them.

I want to make sure that the students are treated with respect and fairness when it comes to creating a system for hiring representatives. I will make sure we have a process that is representative of the students themselves, ensuring ASUWB has an equitable hiring process the students deserve.

Working with the UWB Leaders mentorship program will increase the accountability of ASUWB representatives, and will allow students to get more involved with ASUWB. This is an important program, and I hope to help foster the growth of students who would like an easier transition into the ASUWB.

Food and parking are big problems on this campus. It is important to find healthy and tasty food options that satisfy different diets. Students should be able to come to campus and know they won’t go hungry. I will help find options that are inexpensive and filling. As a growing university it is likely we will find ourselves having problems with parking I will work towards a solution for cheaper rates.

If you all elect me as Director of Internal Affairs, I will continue to work hard towards the betterment of this campus with my knowledge and experience work towards representing you as students.

Remember y’all let's keep it real, Vote Maria!


Director of Outreach and Marketing 

Ghassan Alghamdi

"Speek good or be silent"

Being a member of Student Government will give the chance to enhance and develop my leadership skills. Not only that, but it is a great opportunity for us students to get familiar with the value of teamwork. These are two of the major benefits that I would like to get out of being among the Students Government. Plus, it is one of the fantastic ways to give back to the community and to the students. Creating outreach programs, as well as supervise the outreach senators and communicating with the public and maintain all information from across or beyond the campus to the Associated students are what I hope to accomplish from my position as the director of Outreach and Marketing.

I have been working as one of the officials in campus, working with over 150 students and in order to have a great season, we have to market our activities. So, we always keep the students informed with our activities from posting in social media, print fliers, or contact students immediately. And, I have been volunteering to hold soccer events for the UWB Soccer club and my tasks usually are posting events times, communicating with players, reserving the fields, and posting pictures from the events.

John Kim 


Connect, Create, Change

During my Sophomore year, I was inspired by Leah Shin and Shugla Kakar to run for ASUWB, which had ultimately transformed my life. I have been inspired to be an agent of positive change and the driver of solutions as a member of our community.

As Junior Senator, I have implemented changes to increase student awareness and student opportunities. This includes the introduction of the UWB Leaders program which fosters next generation of leaders in committees and throughout campus. I also contributed to the ASUWB Constitution and Bylaws amendment team, focusing on the organizational structure for growth and stability in the next 10 years.

Outside of ASUWB, I founded DAMM (Digitial Arts and Media Marketing Club) with other talented individuals on this campus to inform, include, and involve the student body. As a club, we have partnered up with numerous organizations to create content and to increase awareness of news in digital media format.

Now, as I run for the Director of Outreach and Marketing, my goals are threefold. First is to inform the students and student organizations the opportunities that ASUWB offers including UWB Leaders and Student Academic Enhancement Funds. For each quarter, I want to focus on a specific multi-media marketing campaign that strengthens UWB internally by connecting students with these programs.

Next, I want to empower all students to be the leaders of their own, by allowing them to participate in the campus-wide communications, encouraging personal connections. Subsequently, I want to share the transformative experience at UWB with the rest of the student body.

Lastly, acting as a liaison between student, faculty, and staff, I will administer clear and effective communication of our university branding, as well as establishing a strong UW Bothell identity.

To my excitement, I plan to implement these changes at UWB for the student body in the upcoming year. Through our unparalleled work ethic, comprehensive collaborative practices, and the generosity of creativity, I believe that I and the rest of the #SpokeHuskies team will create changes which will enrich the experiences of UWB students.

Angelica Mendoza 


REAL diversity and inclusion requires REAL listening and action

Being part of Student Government is something I have envisioned myself being a part of since I first arrived at the UW Bothell campus. My vision is to always be for the students and with the students no matter what the circumstance. My mission has always been to serve others and use my platforms to voice the concerns of those who are far too often silenced and marginalized.

I have been involved with student activism and community organizing consistently on campus. I pushed for the Diversity Center, show up to student spaces, ask staff and faculty to speak up, stay connected with student groups, as well as continue to get involved actively to make sure everyone has a say in what is going on and most importantly that everyone knows what is going on. My hopes are to make ASUWB more accessible to students and more integrated with students; ASUWB should always be involved with students and for students.

As the Marketing and Outreach Senator I hope to be able to inform and communicate with students on what ASUWB is working on as well as work with the student body to make sure that we are recognizing student work and centering student voices. Being the Public Relations/Marketing officer for Latinx Student Union my Sophomore year as well as currently being the President of LSU I have learned a lot about Outreach and have appreciated all the relationships I have built on this campus as a result of it. I am passionate about always connecting with folks and creating content that is appealing and transparent on all levels.

I hope I can be your Marketing and Outreach Senator and we can keep it REAL on the ASUWB team


Director of Student Advocacy 

Naima Shaltu


Let's keep it REAL

As a current Social Justice Organizer, these past three years, I have worked with so many incredible students on this campus through different clubs and organizations, doing work to ensure that not only students voices are heard but, action are taken in order for changes to happen. One thing I have learned along the way is that student advocacy means more than just hearing what students have to say but, actually showing up in spaces, making sure students feel safe and that resources are available and transparent for students to utilize; ensuring our needs are met. 

Our campus prides our self in diversity yet, there is a lot of work to be done in order to ensure we are supporting all communities, including marginalized and oppressed groups. In order to do this work, we must understand our campus through the different identities and experiences each student and student groups identify with. I believe that it is important to constantly be meeting with students to not only ensure that their needs are met but, that they know they have a fellow friend that they can trust to go to and who will do the work. One thing you will learn about me is that I will always put others before myself. I do this not only to ensure people receive what they may need but, that because I know that with any privilege that I hold or anything I learn, that I must share it back to the community just as others before have done for me. I want to make sure that students don't have to struggle with what students in the past have faced because I know the struggle is real.

I have had the privilege to not only work on campus but to educate, fight and support in creating resources for the community whether it be through spaces like IDEA Project, the Reflection Room, ACRC, and the Diversity Center. I recognize how important it is to advocate for students and I will constantly check myself, and work even hard to serve every student on campus.

Warisha Soomro 


Spoke Huskies: Connect, Create, Change

Having been a student at UWB and served this community in leadership positions as part of student government and the BOLD cabinet and working with the campus community in endeavors ranging from technology use to academic advising, I've learned more about this campus and all that it offers than I expected. UWB is a great place for students to learn and growth as people, students, and professionals. However, I've met with students, faculty, staff, and alumni to identify painpoints I intend to improve upon. At the top of my goal list is improving the pre-major advising experience and building a student network that strengthens ties between current and former students in their majors. We are the mold of one of the most diverse campuses in the country but I'm advocating for representation and resources that reflect that.


Internal Affairs Senator 

Saiwa Conejo


Let's get REAL

I have served as a student leader in Student Engagement Activities for the past two years. During this time, I had the opportunity to provide the best experience for students. As an Environmental Studies major and a future Master of Arts in Policy Studies student, I believe I am ready to take on the responsibility of Internal Affairs Senator. I have developed my leadership skills and team management skills which I can apply onto this position. Although I have experience with leadership, working in a team, and serving as a liaison, there is always room for learning. My greatest strengths are integrity, listening and being my own devil's advocate. In order to be a leader this is helpful because it keeps you grounded and allows you to think critically through interdisciplinary areas.

Through the ASUWB, I can create a safe, inclusive, just and fun campus through policy and representing students' voices. Therefore, I plan to help my team by actively exemplifying diversity on campus. Not solely based on ethnicity but including social groups like majors and perspectives. There is a sort of separateness between departments, but my team can work with organizations and faculty to bring this campus community together. Additionally, safety and security is a concern on campus, however I acknowledge that it isn't for everyone. This brings me to allyship and transparency at this University. For this, along with parking and campus food, I would like to hear student's perspectives so my team and I can take action based on student’s input and the University’s policies. Being your future Internal Affairs Senator would not only be for the sake of a resume, but because I believe in change for the better and advocating for those perspectives that cannot advocate for themselves. I have seen hostility from both liberal and conservative views, and in doing so I have learned that in order to see change you have to listen and speak up when something is unjust. 

Let’s keep it REAL, 
Vote Saiwa Conejo for Internal Affairs Senator

Ariana Navarro  


Spoke Huskies: connect,create,change

I want to be a strong representative and leader for the students at uwb. I will advocate for the needs and wants of the students and make their voice heard. I truly care about this campus and believe each and every one of us can make a positive difference and impact. My vision is to create equal opportunities in education for every student, and to enhance their personal growth here at uwb. I desire for students to have every opportunity to become successful and make the most of their college experience. I hope to accomplish being a great role model and advocate for students. I aspire to enhance the learning experience of each and every individual here on campus and make a positive impact in your husky experience. I have been president of the Rotaract club here at UW Bothell and will be president next year as well. I have developed strong leadership and management skills to help impact the school in a positive way and have been on asuwb the past year as their Project Assistant.I help many clubs working for SEA and desire to give my all to help make students experience at uwb a memorable one. I would like to step up to a senator position and continue to serve the students here at UWB and be a strong leader within our campus because I believe in the potential of each and everyone of you.


Outreach Senator 

Malea Capuno 


Spoke Huskies: Connect, Create, Change.

Hey huskies! My name is Malea Capuno, I'm a sophomore planning to major in Biology and minor in neuroscience. During the 2016-2017 school year, I served on ASUWB as First-Year Senator and had an impactful learning experience. During my term, I enjoyed voicing for the student body and really utilized that tool to communicate OUR needs as students to the administration. I was a part of helping to initiate more food options and assisting directors with large projects we plan to start next year. This year I was not apart of ASUWB but I was heavily involved in other aspects. I became an Orientation Leader and gained several positions in our Filipino-American community (Cultural chair- FASA sa UWB, Cultural spokesperson & Hospitality co-chair-NWFASA). This helped me learn how I can cater and know the needs of a wider variety of students as well as understand the importance of social organization of students of color.

My past and current experiences have motivated me to run as the Senator of Outreach. I feel that students should know where our tuition dollars are going and understand how we can utilize those dollars to best serve the students. In times where negativity and hate can divide us, I also want to be a listening ear for the students who wish to voice their concerns, feel welcome while having a safe place. With this position, I plan to make sure that as your student body representative I will do my best to maintain transparency.

Some implementations I plan to initiate are more guest speakers who can empower, support and help students network, on campus concerts, a larger variety of healthy affordable food options, more awareness of current student accommodations, expand to implement more student wellness centers and lastly to work towards getting more funding for the diversity center so we can get free textbooks and hire diverse leaders to lead and empower us towards our goals.

I hope you elect me as one of your Outreach and Marketing Senators and put your trust in me to make this a university that you are proud to attend.

Dev Mathur 


Spoke Huskies: You Matter. We Matter. Dev Mathur

During my late adolescence, and early teenage years, I wanted to be more involved in my community. But I did not realize what a community meant to me. But through the mentorship from my parents, I have volunteered for many South Asian centered organizations such as CRY, The Sankara Eye Foundation, and our own social nonprofit organization, Tiranga. My main job for these organizations was to outreach to the South Asian community in the Greater Seattle Area to come together and support a cause. I want to expand my expertise to the academic area by running for the Outreach Senator position on ASUWB.

During my time at UW Bothell, I have noticed that there is a disconnect between the majority of the student body and the opportunities that they have to get involved on campus. There are clubs that are not able to renew membership due to the lack of engagement from their members. The resources such as the Quantitative Skills Center, the Writing Center, and the counselors that are available on campus are not taken advantage of. And this is due to the purpose of the campus itself, that it is a commuter school. Most of the students who live off campus usually come to UW Bothell to just attend classes and head back home. I want to change that.

As an outreach senator, I want to increase student engagement on campus, especially with students who live off campus. I want to change the culture at UW Bothell by making sure that the student body understands that UW Bothell has resources for them, and it is not just how they can get involved. As an outreach senator, I want the majority of the student body to understand that there are resources for them, whether it is for academics, campus engagement, or for student health as well.

Jesus Moreno


The more students that feel empowered to participate, the better off this school will be. Let's make everyone feel empowered.

I hope to be one of your outreach senators so we, as a community, can become more united by participating in the many initiatives that ASUWB proposes. Being a first-generation college student, a Latino, and a transfer student, I understand that it may be overwhelming to participate in UWB activities. I hope to mitigate this issue so every student feels empowered to become involved in the UWB community. I can not do this by myself, so I will gladly listen to the concerns of every individual so we can come to a solution together. My goal is to increase student participation in ASUWB projects, as well as coming up with new ASUWB initiatives that will provide a positive impact to everyone in the community


Prathyusha Pillari 


Let's keep it real 

In any organization or government, taking action on the experiences and the opinions of the targeted public is essential for its success. Positive events should be enhanced, and negative experiences minimized. I've had plenty of experiences where I have expressed my opinions, but the organization wouldn't take necessary actions about it. It irks me very much because I am not the only one who is having those problems. There are a lot of people who don't voice their opinion either because they are shy or because like me, they have been ignored many times and believe that actions won't be taken. This type of management becomes a significant problem when there is a lack of proper communication between the two groups.

When I was a first-year student, two years ago, I found very little to no organizations that made me feel recognized or helped me voice my opinions. I found that the student leaders who were supposed to "support" me were actually of no help. That's when I founded Her Campus UWB, an online magazine club because I believed in creating a platform for students, like me, to voice their opinions and share their thoughts. As a student, leader and a person of color, I believe that I understand the student problems on this campus. By becoming your advocate, I want to change the assumptions of the students that their opinions do not matter by taking action on all the suggestions, comments, and complaints as much as I can. Lack of exemplifying our campus diversity, shortage of accessibility, transparency, and solidarity between the student leaders on campus and the lack of safety and security for the minorities on campus are REAL problems, and I intend to act upon it. I am enthusiastic about change, and I believe that I represent a larger group of people who also face the same issues.

Let's keep it REAL ya'll 
Vote Prathyusha (Prat) Pillari for Outreach Senator

Sonia Saravanan 


Let's get REAL.

While I am certainly proud of my campus, there undeniably is a lot of room for improvement. Coming from a multicultural country like Singapore, the prayer room incident certainly shocked me and prompted me to want to work towards the safety of the minority students on campus. My background of having grown in Singapore has certainly taught me to be more culturally competent, thus making me better suited for this purpose.

As someone living oceans away from home, I have to cook my own food or resort to food on-campus. I can certainly understand the lack of food choices that all of us students are exposed to. While PEACH and the food trucks have certainly added to the variety of food on campus, it is certainly too expensive for someone on a student budget. Do not take me wrong. I evidently appreciate and enjoy the food from PEACH but they certainly are not everyday material. All of us usually eat home-cooked food because that is clearly the best staple option. And is exactly what I would like to introduce to the campus as an alternative: Lunchbox services. This way, we are able to obtain cheaper food while still supporting local home-based chef entrepreneurs

As someone who consistently obtained Service Award for my volunteering and social enterprise efforts, I would like to be a catalyst for change on campus. However, I have consistently felt that there is a wedge between the student body and the ASUWB that prevents students from being able to voice out their opinions. As a changemaker, I would like to remove this wedge and bring these two entities together since ASUWB exists for the sole purpose of serving students, after all. I hope to do so through both office hours as well as actively reaching out to the general student body on issues they face on campus.

Let's keep it REAL. 
Vote Sonia for Outreach Senator!


Student Advocacy Senator 

Alondra Pangilinan


Spoke Huskies: Connect, Create, Change

Hi, my name is Alondra Pangilinan Tacuyan. This year, I'm a junior intending to double-major in Business Administration (TIM) and Mathematical Thinking & Visualization. I have strong passions for business, technology, and serving others.

I want to run for Senator of Student Advocacy to empower every student in our diverse campus to embrace their identities and reach their fullest potential. Every student deserves to come to campus knowing that it's a safe place for them to be themselves. In order to create that environment, I will be the student body's advocate, a listening ear, and action-taker. By being these three things for the student body, I will bridge the gap between identifying what students want/need and actually fulfilling those wants/needs.

A lot of my past experiences have shaped me into a person who is strongly fit for this position. This quarter, I was chosen to be the FASA sa UWB intern. In this position I get to shadow and assist the entire officer board. This role has allowed me to plan events, lead during meetings and really submerge myself in a leadership position as first-year. I have gained a greater understanding of my cultural identity and the issues people of color can face. I’ve also done work with Microsoft and a company called Youthforce to empower girls and underrepresented youth to pursue computer science and work towards their career goals and passions. The work I’ve done towards this goal includes internship projects, giving talks, and being a mentor in my community.

I want to help make UW Bothell feel like a second home for you guys and with my goals, passions, and experience, I believe I can do it.

Carlos Rojo


Lets Keep It REAL

Representing my class was my main goal when I was elected as first-year senator. I have voiced several students concerns in meetings and have shared student input to several representatives in Olympia advocating for the needs and wants of UWB students. Now I am running to represent the students of UWB as Student Advocacy senator. I have gained a lot of knowledge while first-year senator and will implement my knowledge if elected as student advocacy senator. You can expect me to represent and advocate for your needs, by voting on legislation and action items that affect you, follow up with you, the students, about specific issues and needs, and address them. And above all represent UWB in a positive and professional matter at all times.

Afua Tiwaa


Spoke Huskies: Connect, Create, Change

I want to being a representative in Student Government because I like being the bridge to professional staff for students. This idea led me to my current job as a Resident Advisor in Residential Life; through this position I have come to understand the improvements we as a student can advocate for a change. As a Resident Advisor, I learned to be comfortable and understanding in adjusting to new people because college brings individuals of different backgrounds together. I believe that having someone like me who is both comfortable in bringing up student issues to professional staff, and is friendly so that students can easily approach is who the position for Student Advocacy Senator calls for. 
My vision for this position is to find ways to provide a better inclusive environment and improve student life. One of my goals is to find ways to provide assistance to underrepresented students by creating a student-student mentorship program so that students will have someone of similar background to help them through the demands of school. This will be especially beneficial for the International Student Office but the general idea is to provide service to all students in need. UWB is largely a commuter campus, so I plan to cater to those living off campus as well. 
Whether or not you live in housing we all know that food options on campus needs an improve, especially during lunch hour. This is why I want to be the voice to advocate for better food options like an investment in a dinning system, and if not, then working to bring more food options for students is another great option. 
Another goal of mine is to advocate for better parking; college students are stereotypically known to have struggling finances. While I am not one to believe in stereotypes, I know that most students work while attending school full time so parking fees can be another burden. So since most of us commute here, I think that providing more parking options and lower rates is better way to aide students in making financially sound decisions