Fall 2017 Candidates


Candidates for First-Year Senator

Photos of candidates appear below, along with their platform statement. Platform statements are printed exactly as submitted, with only formatting changes.

Zia Khan

Photo of candidate Zia Khan

As Freshman Student Senator I hope to represent the diverse population we have here at UWB. Often, we can get caught up in the national issues so much that we forget about the current ones directly our affecting student life. Sure, endangered wildlife is a worthy cause, but I want to fight for your concerns, not just my personal beliefs. Democracy wouldn’t work if someone just wanted their own way. I want to run as a student looking to solve student problems, and do things for my other fellow students not as a politician or someone just looking to advance their career. I desire to be everyone’s friend and I am interested in every student and their story so I can be the best voice for the students by the students.

Madison Nikfard

Photo of candidate Madison Nikfard

As is tradition at my high school, the graduating class of seniors is invited to the annual senior roast. Teachers and staff come up to the podium and go through every individual student, recounting class anecdotes and hallway embarrassments before presenting the new graduate with a personalized certificate relating to their story or personality. Sitting in between my closest friends, I was just as excited as I was nervous for my turn to be roasted. It confused most of the crowd at first when our school’s counselor began the roast by stating “We are, too often, in life, divided. We mistakenly believe there is an ‘us’ and a ‘them.’ But for this senior, those divisions melt away.” I was then brought up to receive “the bridge” award, “to encourage me to continue to work on bringing communities together.” It was strange to think that my relationship with the my student body, which ranged from sixth graders all the way up to my fellow graduating seniors, was uncommon. Having the opportunity to go to such a small school for the last six years made interacting with everyone practically inevitable, although I was considered a social outlier. It wasn’t until all my goodbyes that I realized what kind of impact communication can have on a closely knit community such as UWB, which I hope to help strengthen through this role with ASUWB, in addition to being an active student, classmate, and friend on campus.

Oriana Robles

Photo of candidate Oriana Robles

I would like to serve as a student government representative because I want to be able to help guide students to the right resources that will help them succeed with anything they yearn by working directly with them. I want to make sure that the freshmen class will have an awesome and unforgettable year by allowing the voices of each and every freshman student to be heard through me. I am very enthusiastic about working on creating positive changes that will support the students in our campus.

Carlos Alatorre Rojo

Photo of candidate Carlos Alatorre Rojo

Serving as a student government representative will allow me to pursue my passion, which is being able to help others and my community by building connections with other communities. Being your first year senator will allow me to seek challenging yet new opportunities that will let me help not only my graduating class but also everyone that interacts with us. I will be able to be the voice for my peers and advocate for their needs. A quality that I would bring to the table is dedication. If elected I will be dedicated in helping my peers not just listening to their concerns and needs but also representing and advocating for them.

Gayathri Ramasamy

Photo of candidate Gayathri Ramasamy

As a student government representative, I aim to be the voice of my class( C/O 2021). As a Freshmen Senator, I hope to make the transition of my fellow freshmen into college and UWB easy and comfortable for them. i want to be the person that represents them and I would also like be the person that they turn to when they have a problem. As a member of the ASUWB, I would like to support and help my class as well as the whole of UWB. This college has provided me with a great community and a space in which I can access numerous opportunities and as a Senator, I would like to give back to the community as well make the opportunities on campus accessible to everyone that goes to UWB. I would strive to make the ASUWB a more approachable and comfortable space for the students than it already is. With my skills, I look forward to give back to the community that has claimed me as its own.