Constitutional Amendment

Constitutional Amendment Proposal 

The Constitutional Amendment Proposal has three major changes. First, it expands the number of votes in ASUWB meetings to all elected members. Second, it codifies election processes in the Constitution instead of the Bylaws. Third, it codifies removal from office procedures in the Constitution instead of the Bylaws.

Pro Statement:

Since the creation of the ASUWB Constitution in 2004, it has never been once revised. Presently, there is a loophole that grants ASUWB members immunity from getting impeached. There are also several significant spelling and grammatical errors. Further, only 5 out of the 16 ASUWB members have voting powers. With this new proposed ASUWB bylaws and constitution, all elected representatives and executive members will have voting powers. The loophole regarding impeachment, along with the spelling and grammatical errors, will be rectified. Vote "yes" for increased transparency, accountability, and efficiency.

The Constitution can be found here. 

The Bylaws of the Associated Students of the University of Washington Bothell can be found here.