Spring Quarter Election Candidates

Meet the Candidates 

President | Vice President | Director of Campus Partnerships | Director of Student Advocacy |
Director of  Outreach | Director of Marketing | Director of Government Relations

The following candidates have registered to appear on the ASUWB 2020 Spring Elections Ballot. Anyone who wishes to run for a position who did not register in time will not be listed below, and will act as a write-in candidate. Their names will not appear in the official ballot.

For more information about elections and write-in candidacy, see the Elections Process and Procedures Packet. 

If you have any further questions, you can contact the Elections Committee Chair at asuwbpar@uw.edu



Djelli Berisha, ASUWB candidate for PresidentPresident Candidate


Djelli Berisha

"Empowerment through inclusion."


Major(s): Biology

Hello Huskies,

My name is Djelli Berisha, ASUWB Presidential candidate for 2020-2021. As President, I will work to establish a sense of inclusion and pride on our campus to ensure that everyone feels welcome and empowered to achieve their academic and personal goals at UWB. Together, I know we can transfigure our campus into one that develops a holistic representation of individual student success.

With my position as ASUWB Director of Student Advocacy 2019-2020, I know it takes the courage of many believers to stand up and speak up for the issues they face on this campus. I want to forge new avenues for students to share our stories, uplift our voices and values to become united in the pursuit of excellence and positive change at UWB.

I will promise advocacy on behalf of all students with being active and accessible as a liaison paramount to success in higher education.


Mia Harris, ASUWB candidate for PresidentPresident Candidate


Mia Harris

"We are Huskies - Today, Tomorrow, and Forever. Always stronger together!"


Major(s): Law, Economics, & Public Policy and Media & Communication Studies

UWB is home to students who are changing the community we live in, adapting innovative ways to support one another and creating a culture of advocates. As your president, my core values are transparency, community engagement and student voices.

Transparency is of the utmost importance to me as a civically engaged student. My first priority is to push for ASUWB to be more transparent towards the student body.

My second priority, enhance community engagement. As an active volunteer, I believe in the power of community engagement. ASUWB can make an impact on students and community through active engagement on and off campus. We are all representatives of UWB and have the strength in numbers to make a greater difference.

My third priority is to ensure student voices are counted. ASUWB cannot function without the support of students.

We are all here for one common goal, to enhance our husky experience.


Shuling Lin, ASUWB candidate for PresidentPresident Candidate


Shuling Lin

"UW Bothell Needs a Change."

First Year

Major(s): Undeclared

I have seven priorities for the students of UWB:

1. Negotiate the necessity of students taking VLPA and I&S, which are graduation requirements for all degrees.

2. Voice out the neglect of Academic Advisors for the student body. Academic Advisors are one of the essential resources that students’ expensive tuition goes.

3. Promote food options on campus.

4. Carefully and clearly educate students how to use the resources provided by the school, including Alumni Connection, Clubs, available courses for each major requirement, etc.

5. Negotiate and lower the unreasonable Tuition/ On-Campus housing fee that are charged by the Supervising Agency of our school as much as possible.

6. Improve the living environment of student housing, the training of RA, and safety measure of each unit.

7. Ensure our school updates all the resources provided on campus on the UWB website on time. (ex. outdated club resources online have caused confusion whether there are clubs).



Michael Albellar, ASUWB candidate for Vice PresidentVice President Candidate


Michael Albellar

"Transformation Through Representation."


Major(s): Biology

Hello Huskies,

My name is Michael Albellar and I am running to be your ASUWB Vice President. My previous experience as the 2019-2020 ASUWB Senator of Student Advocacy allowed me to explore my passion for creating community, advancing diversity, and supporting an environment where students can reach their fullest potential. I enjoy engaging in different conversations around campus and believe that student input is essential to elevating the student experience.

As Vice President, I want to establish a sense of pride and inclusion on campus, where student success and empowerment are highlighted and celebrated. Together I know we can build a campus environment that commends and encourages academic and personal student achievement.

I promise to represent and serve the student body by being an active and transparent liaison for all students.


Matthew Emery, ASUWB candidate for Vice PresidentVice President Candidate


Matthew Emery

"Together let's make memories."


Major(s): Law, Economics, & Public Policy, Media & Communication Studies and Mathematical Thinking & Visualization 

ASUWB was created to represent the UWB students. Yet, the body has taken a more independent stance doing what they think is best. I believe it’s time to change the face of ASUWB to be more transparent, to be more representative, and to be for the students like it’s supposed to be.

My time on ASUWB I questioned some of the work and processes that was being done. I brought new perspectives and left people thinking new ideas and ways. As your Vice President I will bring this force back to keep fighting for your interests and questioning these processes. I want ASUWB to work with the students to fight for them. It’s time to raise the voices of the UWB students and have everyone matter at this school, because at the end of the day we’re all here for one common goal. 



Marco Lizarraga, ASUWB candidate for Director of Campus PartnershipsDirector of Campus Partnerships Candidate


Marco Lizarraga

"Every Voice Counts."


Major(s): Biology

A student thrives when they are empowered by their academic environment, which is one that will nourish their academic and personal growth by giving them extensive support on their way to success as well as giving them an unconditional sense of inclusion.

As Director of Campus Partnerships, I will work to ensure that our diverse student population experiences empowerment during their time at UW Bothell. Through the promotion of inclusion and diversity, students will know that both their voice and their culture is actively present on campus. If students feel empowered and welcome at UWB, they will be encouraged to collaborate with their peers, faculty and staff and once that happens, we will be an even more united campus that will strive towards being the best version of itself. 



Lauren Allen, ASUWB candidate for Director of Student AdvocacyDirector of Student Advocacy Candidate


Lauren Allen

"Our Stories Inspire Tomorrow."


Major(s): Law, Economics, & Public Policy

As your Director of Student Advocacy I will innovate teaching practices, bolster community outreach, and expand engagement and inclusion. This role allows me to ensure students across the UWB campus are heard and supported. I have dedicated years to advocating locally and nationally based on my personal and community experiences.

I am a proud Cascadia College transfer student, having spent a great deal of time on our campus engaging with the joint community culture. My passion for equity and justice has pushed me to constantly pursue opportunities to serve others and make the UWB campus greater for everyone. This includes advocating in Olympia to legislators, communicating with the federal Department of Education, and speaking out for students nationally.

I have demonstrated my capability and commitment to be our collective voice. I look forward to being your Director of Student Advocacy and making us better together.


Kendra Okoro, ASUWB candidate for Director of Student AdvocacyDirector of Student Advocacy Candidate


Kendra Okoro

"Vocalize your Passion"

First Year

Major(s): Computer Science

Hello Huskies!

My name is Kendra Okoro and I’m running for Director of Student Advocacy. From the very first moment I stepped onto campus, I was in awe by the greatness I stood before and saw such great potential.

Over the past few quarters, I've had the great honor of serving on many committees and being able to call myself a UWB Leader. Each has taught me a lot of skills to help me run for Director of Student Advocacy.

Taking after my mentors in the ASUWB, I aspire to help the campus community by being attentive and being active. So if you’re looking to elect the most approachable, dedicated and proactive candidate, who can and will execute tangible change for YOU, vote Kendra Okoro for Director of Student Advocacy.


Keita Shimizu, ASUWB candidate for Director of Student AdvocacyDirector of Student Advocacy Candidate


Keita Shimizu

"I Hear You. Together We Will."


Major(s): Health Studies

This past year, I’ve served as your student leader on campus, working as a Census Ambassador and an Intercultural Coordinator at the Diversity Center. That experience has allowed me to connect with many of you and hear your stories and concerns.

I hear your concerns about being the first in your families to go to college because I am also a first-generation college student. I hear your concerns about food security and the difficulty you face finding food options. I hear your concerns about how difficult it is to find parking on campus because I also commute to campus. I’ve worked two jobs while also being a full-time student and know and respect the hard work you all put in. I hear you and I’m here for you.

I would love to be your leading advocate because together, we will make a difference. Please join me and vote Keita Shimizu.



Bryanna Bui, ASUWB candidate for Director of OutreachDirector of Outreach Candidate 


Bryanna Bui

"Building Community through Benevolence."


Major(s): Media & Communication Studies and Culture, Literature & the Arts

Hello Huskies,

I’m running for ASUWB Director of Outreach because I believe every student should feel a sense of belonging, community, and know the UWB Campus is a resource for them. 

With my position as ASUWB Outreach Senator 2019-2020, campus-involvement as Events Director of Her Campus UWB, and professional experience in outreach and Public Relations internships, I have developed a love and passion for engaging in conversations and developing new relationships with people of various backgrounds, experiences and ideas.

As Director of Outreach, my goal is to bridge the view and voices of students, organizations, faculty, and staff together to ensure the success of students’ learning and life at UWB are positive and maximized with opportunities.

It would be an honor to represent and serve the student body as Director of Outreach with more capacity in helping foster a network and community around your interests and ideas.



Jorge Apeitia, ASUWB candidate for Director of MarketingDirector of Marketing Candidate


Jorge Azpeitia

"Together we can make a difference."


Major(s): Media & Communication Studies

Hello Huskies, 

My name is Jorge Azpeitia and I am running for ASUWB Director of Marketing!

My role as a 2019-2020 Social Justice Organizer which allowed me to create various dialogues and programs, along with the professional development gained from creating workshops and working with various on-campus organizations has taught me the importance of communication. In addition, I have learned the importance of perspective and gained a love for social justice and dialogue. I promise to create and promote content and information accessible to everyone, and make sure that all student voices are heard.

As Director of Marketing, my goal is to use all means of communication available so the student body can be up to date with what ASUWB is working on, encourage participation in our meetings and on-campus event/programs, and learn how we can better support students to succeed with the numerous resources our campus has to offer.



Mumina Ali, ASUWB candidate for Director of Government RelationsDirector of Government Relations Candidate


Mumina Ali

"Achieving Equity through Community." 


Major(s): Law, Economics, & Public Policy and Global Studies


My name is Mumina Ali. I'm a sophomore and I'm running for Director of Government Relations!

The leadership for this position is super important to me, and to the future of UWB. As a campus of an incredibly diverse population of students from a wide range of racial, ethic, and socioeconomic backgrounds, we have so much power to assert over our local and state representatives.

I’m running because I want to help increase student participation in civic engagement on campus, so that we can advance an agenda on the local and state level that works for ALL of us. As Director of Government Relations, I’ll do my best to represent you and speak for our needs as students when in conversations with legislators!