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OrgSync is group management software that helps keep you connected to the members of the UW Bothell Community! OrgSync helps you meet and interact with other students and serves as your major resource for involvement on campus.

What you can do with OrgSync:

  • Join a campus club, organization, or recreational program
  • Contact leaders of current clubs, organizations, and recreational programs
  • Find out additional information about specific organizations on campus
  • Manage group membership for your various involvements on campus and manage your personal calendar with your groups’ events

Officers and Members can:

  • Create events on the campus calendar and see events posted by other groups on campus
  • Manage your club or recreational program roster and membership online
  • Share information, files, and send direct emails with your organizations’ members
  • Build polls and surveys for your membership and the campus
  • Create and fill out forms to manage your group
  • Request funding, manage calendars and event planning, maintain accurate websites, and store group information to help build your organizations and much more

Register on OrgSync by going to Orgsync.com/login/university-of-washington-bothell. Follow the steps from there and you’ll be ready to create an involvement profile, join clubs, or even start a club of your own.

Non-UWB students do not have access to OrgSync.


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Start or join a club by creating an OrgSync account to access all your club & organization tools.


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