All Science, Technology & Society (STS) Courses

Recommended Preparation

Interested in exploring this major, but not ready to commit? Consider taking one of the below courses! Any of these selections will help familiarize you with the academic program and prepare you for advanced coursework in the major.

BIS 153 Introduction to Geology
BIS 154 Introduction to Oceanography
BST 200 Introduction to Climate Science
BIS 232 Introduction to Data Visualization
BIS 242 Environmental Geography
BIS 252 Politics of Science

A. STS Core Course

BISSTS 307 Science, Technology and Society

B. STS Method Courses

BES 301 Science Methods and Practice
BIS 315 Understanding Statistics or equivalent
BIS 312 Approaches to Social Research
BIS 340 Approaches to Cultural Research

C. Social and Cultural Studies of Science Courses

Courses which apply the theories and/or methods of one or more disciplines in the social sciences and humanities to the study of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, or medicine, or which explore how artistic practice can be informed by scientific concepts of technological forms. Such courses include:

BIS 218 The Power of Maps
BIS 252 Politics of Science
BIS 302 Issues in Mathematics Across Cultures
BIS 307 Environmental Justice
BIS 329 Topics in Mathematics Across the Curriculum
BIS 332 Global Digital Industries (formerly offered under BIS 313)
BIS 345 American Environmental Thought
BIS 346 Topics in Environmental Policy
BIS 355 History of Science and Technology
BIS 356 Ethics and the Environment
BIS 380 Bioethics
BIS 382 The Visual Art of Biology
BIS 384 Health, Medicine and Society
BIS 385 Art and Climate Change
BIS 391 Environmental History of the Pacific Northwest Bioregion
BIS 421 Technology Policy
BIS 446 Science, Expertise and Public Policy
BIS 458 Energy, the Environment and Society
BIS 459 Conservation and Sustainable Development
BISSTS 420 Race, Gender, Science and Medicine (formerly offered under BISSTS 497)
CSS 211Computers and Society
CSS 411 Computing Technology and Public Policy

D. Science Practice

Courses which give students the opportunity to experience the processes through which scientific knowledge and technology innovations are made by involving them in science, engineering, mathematics, or medical research, or by asking them to apply scientific theory or methods to understanding and solving real-world problems. Such courses include:

BEARTH 321 Geomorphology
BEARTH 341 Natural Hazards and Human Disasters
BES 303 Environmental Monitory Practicum
BES 311 Environmental Chemistry
BES 312 Ecology
BES 316 Ecological Methods
BES 330 Limnology 
BES 331 Estuarine Science and Management
BES 362 Introduction to Restoration Ecology
BES 462 Restoration Ecology Capstone: Introduction
BES 463 Restoration Ecology Capstone: Proposal and Plan
BES 464 Restoration Ecology Capstone: Field Site Restoration
BES 485 Conservation Biology
BES 489 Pacific Northwest Ecosystems
BIS 232 Introduction to Data Visualization
BIS 240 Introduction to Sustainable Practices
BIS 241 Nature in the Northwest
BIS 242 Introduction to Environmental Issues
BIS 244 Wetlands Discovery
BIS 250 How Things Work: Motion and Mechanics
BIS 251 How Things Work: Electricity and Invention
BIS 285 Seminar in Biology
BIS 306 Marine Diversity and Conservation
BIS 342 Geographic Information System
BIS 343 Geographic Visualization
BIS 358 Issues in Environmental Science
BIS 381 The History of Life
BIS 386 Global Environmental Issues
BIS 392 Water and Sustainability
BIS 442 Advanced GIS Analysis and Applications
BIS 447 Topics in Quantitative Inquiry
BIS 459 Conservation and Sustainable Development
BISSTS 231 Genes, Genomes and Heredity
BISSTS 232 Embryos, Genes and Reproductive Technology
B BIO 231 Genes, Genomes & Heredity
B BIO 232 Embryos, Genes and Reproductive Technology
B CLIM 320 Impacts of Climate Change
BST 200 Introduction to Climate Sciences
BST 446 Sustainable Energy

E. Special Topics:may count in Science, Technology & Society (determined by topic)

BIS 293 Special Topics
BIS 393 Special Topics
BIS 396 Topics in Sustainability
BIS 397 Topics in Environmental Studies
BIS 480 International Study Abroad
BIS 491 Topics in Policy Studies
BIS 493 Special Topics
BIS 496 Community Service Project
BISMCS 471 Advanced Topics in Media and Communication

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