Stormwater Management Program

This program manages separate storm drainage systems across jurisdictions. The programs are designed and implemented to reduce the discharge of pollutants from the stormwater system to the maximum extent practicable to protect water quality. Students, staff, faculty and the community are welcome to provide suggestions for these programs, as the stormwater plans are updated annually. The Operations and Maintenance Plan details procedures for protecting storm water quality.

Hazardous spills & concerns

  1. If you see a spill on campus and it looks like it will reach a storm drain, call EH&S at 425-352-3934
  2. If you see the spill after hours, call Campus Safety at 425-352-5359

EH&S appreciates any help with identifying non-compliance and spills. Your report can be anonymous.

clean rainwater running off into the streetEnvironmental Contacts:

  • Environmental Health & Safety: 
    • Phone: 425-352-3934
    • Email:
  • Facilities: 
    • Phone: 425-352-5466
  • Campus Safety:
    • Phone: 425-352-5359