Advisory Council on Campus Safety

Campus Safety Survey

In February 2018, the Advisory Council on Campus Safety released the UW Bothell and Cascadia College Campus Safety Survey in order to get community input on safety issues on campus. We received great feedback from 956 individuals, of which:

  • 55% of the respondents are from UW Bothell
  • 39% of the respondents are from Cascadia College
  • 6% of the respondents are affiliated with both (such as facilities staff who work across campus)
  • 604 students completed the survey
  • Students make up 63% of the total respondents, staff 26%, and faculty 11%

We have compiled the responses to the multiple choice questions for all to view. You can access the data in accessible pdf form.

The Advisory Council is currently analyzing the optional text comments on the survey so that we can make our recommendations to campus leadership. We will send out a public report of recommendations before the end of the quarter, which will also be housed on this page.

Executive teams and other campus leaders from both institutions will use this data, along with the Advisory Council’s recommendations, to assist in planning for campus safety initiatives.

The Advisory Council will use this page to report back on implementation of its recommendations.