Nursing Scholars Program

Program information

The Nursing Scholars program is a collaboration between the School of Nursing and Health Studies and Everett Community College’s Nursing Program, to provide students a direct pathway to a BSN degree.

Each quarter exceptional nursing students are invited to learn about the Nursing Scholars program.  Entrance to the program is based upon the academic potential, writing ability, and the student's interest in earning a bachelor's degree.Everett Community College picture of building

The BSN program builds upon the associate degree in nursing (ADN) and values the students’ professional experience with coursework that applies directly to the nursing practice.  Students benefit from working with faculty who are actively engaged in scholarship and their local community.

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There are many opportunities and advantages to becoming a Nursing Scholar.    Students will benefit from a streamlined application process.  There is no application fee, no personal statement, and no resume required to apply.  Plus qualified applicants receive an early guarantee of admission to the BSN program.   

Students have the flexibility to start their BSN up to 15 months after graduating from EVCC.  In addition, UWB Nursing Scholars can earn BSN credits during summer quarter and have access to special events at UW Bothell and Everett!


In order to apply to the Nursing Scholars program, students must be admitted and attending the Nursing program at Everett Community College. Students' academic potential and writing ability will be made available via their original application information from Everett Community College.


Once a student is admitted to the Nursing Scholars program, in order to maintain eligibility a student must: 

  1. Graduate with an Associate Degree in Nursing DTA/MRP from Everett Community College with a minimum 3.2 cumulative Nursing GPA.
  2. Complete the UW intermediate algebra requirement, before starting the BSN program, by one of the following:
    a. three (3) years of math in high school, must include intermediate algebra, ​OR
    b. Intermediate Algebra (Math 096) or higher in college (with a 2.0 minimum grade)
  3. Complete the UW world language requirement, before starting the BSN program by one of the following:
    a. two (2) quarters of the same language in college (10 credits),
    b. two (2) years of the same language in high school

    If the majority of a student’s education was outside of the US and in a language other than English, the student is exempt from world language requirement. The student must prove proficiency in the English language by one of the following:

            a. TOEFL Score of 83
            b. IELTS Score of 6.5
    ​        c. Completion of ENGL101& and ENGL102&, with a 3.0 or higher

  4. Completion of the UW English Composition requirement (ENGL&101, or ENGL& 102), Advanced Placement cannot count toward the UW Composition requirement.   
  5. Commence the BSN program at UW Bothell within 15 months of graduating from EVCC with the Associate Degree in Nursing.  Students are responsible for communicating their preferred start date and site to the Office of Admissions, at least four (4) months in advance.
  6. Complete a University application and submit any documents required by the Office of Admissions. 

How to apply

Nursing Scholars information sessions will be held once a quarter (except summer) via zoom or in-person.  Interested applicants must fill out an inquiry card (available at the information session).  An invitation to apply to the Nursing Scholars program will be sent to qualified applicants.   

Before starting the BSN program, Nursing Scholars will need to fill out an online application to the University, instructions on how to complete the application will be sent from our admissions office.


Upcoming Information Session Location

Date: TBD



Frequently asked questions

      1.  I’m not sure if I am eligible, who can I talk to?

Our Undergraduate Nursing Advisor Norma Perez-Comparan is at Everett Community College on Tuesdays and will meet with prospective applicants, schedule an appointment here.  

2.  I have Advanced Placement for English Literature will these be accepted, for English Composition?

UW Bothell grants credits for English literature, but not Composition.  

     3.  How can I earn 5 credits toward my BSN degree in summer?

Students who are in their second year of Nursing school can earn 5 credits, (of BHLTH 400 level coursework), toward their BSN degree.  Students should contact the Undergraduate Nursing Advisor in March to review the summer coursework schedule, application requirements, and to secure a seat in the class.  Click here to schedule an appointment.

4. Can I use financial aid to cover the 5 credits over summer?

Unfortunately, at this time students will not be eligible to use financial aid for the summer coursework. 

5. Where and when can I start my BSN degree?

The BSN program offers classes at Everett and Bothell campus, in different formats in person (meets weekly) and hybrid (meets every two weeks).  You can review our starting quarters, site information, and instructional formats on our program details and site information page.   

6. What if I become ineligible, what do I do?

Students who become ineligible can still apply to the BSN program, by completing the regular application and submitting the required documents.  Students are required to submit official transcripts, one (1) recommendation form, a personal statement, resume, and any other material deemed necessary by the office of admissions.