Funding Your Education

There are many options for funding your education which include both financial aid and scholarships. Most successful students will tell you they have a variety of funding supporting them in reaching their educational goals. 

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Other Scholarship Opportunities

Most scholarships are merit-based although some may include financial need, community service or other extra-curricular activities in their criteria and may be a part of the decision making.

  • UWB General Scholarship; offered twice per year and allows you to apply to multiple scholarships with one application.
Federal Student Aid

By applying for Financial Aid, you may be considered for various grants and or university scholarships!

  • You may not think you qualify for any federal aid, but you won't know for sure until you fill out and submit the form.
  • Keep in mind your financial circumstances may unexpectedly change during the course of the year too, so it is best to have the application on file.
  • Work Study is another option to receive aid.

The US Department of Education offers an excellent web site about financing your education. Be sure to visit the UW Bothell Financial Aid and Scholarship site

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