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Student guide for Harborview Medical Center

Getting around

  • Location: Harborview Medical Center, 325 9th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104.
  • Classroom: Courses are generally held in the Research & Training building (R&T), room 108. This is a large auditorium. If there is a room change, your instructor will communicate this with you. See the hospital map at the bottom of this page. The classroom is not a traditional classroom with tables and chairs; rather, it has seats with attached desktops. 


Parking, transportation and security

Inclement weather policy 

The Harborview Medical Center suspension of UW Bothell classes is at the discretion of the faculty. If it is decision of the faculty to cancel classes due to inclement weather or an HMC lockdown, the decision is posted by the faculty on the Canvas course site. For a morning class, the decision is posted by 6:00 am. For an afternoon class, the decision is posted by 11:00 am. Likewise, if UW Bothell suspends operations, no classes are held at HMC. Sign up for the UW Bothell Emergency Alerts.


Textbooks are purchased at the UW Bothell Bookstore on the Bothell campus or using the online purchasing option with delivery to your home.

The Internet

Internet access is open to the public as an HMC guest.

Student resources 


  • Location: 5 Center Tower, room 98. It is the Professional Development Office on the fifth floor. From the entrance of R&T, cross the street to the main entrance of Center Tower. Take the elevator to 5th floor then take a right. The office is down the hall on the right, room #98.  It does not look or feel like an open computer lab. It is an office with HMC staff. There are two open work student computer stations for you to login and print. The printer is to the left of the cubicle you are in. If you need help and when you enter, you can let the staff know you are a UW student. They’ll be happy to welcome you to print.
  • Your adviser will email you the credentials. You can also ask the instructor for the login and password.

Academic advising and faculty

The office is located in R&T Building 102 (just around the corner from the classroom). If you need to meet with one of your instructors, the office is often available. The academic adviser will hold office hours up to 5x per quarter. A schedule will be posted outside of the office and communicated to students.  

  • Adviser contact: Norma Perez at normap3@uw.edu. Direct line at UW Bothell: 425-352-3199.

University resources

The UW Bothell Writing and Communication Center provides remote services. You can submit your paper online for feedback, schedule a phone and or online conference. Learn more at https://www.uwb.edu/wacc

Additionally, it is important to know that all students of the Seattle site are UW Bothell students, and have full access to all student support programs and university resources. Many resources such as the Writing and Communications Center, have phone, online and email services such as the student IT Help Desk, the  Nursing LibrarianCareer ServicesCounseling, the UW Bothell Care Team.  Always connect with the support program to see how the staff can assist you remotely if you cannot go to the campus.

A complete list of UWB resources open to all students is found online at https://www.uwb.edu/students



Updated 6/10/19 C. Smith