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Health and Safety Requirements

Health and Safety Requirements

Use our online vendor, CastleBranch, to manage the review and submission of our school's Health and Safety requirements.

Get Started

Go to https://portal.castlebranch.com/UH80 and follow the instructions

By now, you should have completed the background check. You now complete the remaining requirements via the elearning and Medical Document Manager which is documentation of immunizations, training and acknowledgements.

  • RN-BSN: Select UH81imel: eLearning and Medical Document Manager.
  • Master of Nursing: Select UH82imel: eLearning and Medical Document Manager.


  • $54.00 -Initial national and state background check (this should be done).
  • $50.00 -Medical Document Manager/eLearning package.
  • $17.00-Annual WATCH background check required annually.


Student not compliant by the deadline will not be allowed to register.


Due Date

Master of Nursing Students

Extended to February 13, 2019 
(was October 31, 2018)

BSN Bothell Summer Thursday
October 24, 2018

BSN Bothell Fall Thursday

January 30, 2019

BSN Fall Everett Tuesday

March 28, 2019

BSN Fall Seattle Monday

March 28,2019

BSN  Winter Everett Tuesday

April 25, 2019

Registration holds are removed within two business days of becoming compliant. You do not need to contact the School to have the registration hold removed.

Holds are not removed during the weekend (Friday, at 4:00 pm forward). Do not miss your deadline as a registration hold could negatively impact your ability to get into Health Electives and graduate on time.

Petitioning a Health and Safety Requirement

If you have a circumstances that are outside of these guidelines, submit the Health and Safety Petition Form with supporting documentation; the form has instructions for submission.  Allow one calendar week for review. There are no exceptions approved due to late submission.

Summary of Immunizations, HIPPA Training, and Professional Requirements

Refer to the Student Guide to aid in meeting the requirements.

Immunization Requirements:

  • Hepatitis B
  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox)
  • Tuberculosis (TB)
  • Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (TDaP)
  • Influenza (for the current flu season)

HIPPA Training and Professional Requirements:

  • RN License (active and unencumbered)
  • CPR training (valid American Heart Association BLS Healthcare Provider Certificate)
  • HIPPA Training (short online course to be completed through CastleBranch)
  • Acknowledgment of Social Networking Policy
  • Acknowledgment of Blood Borne Pathogen Policy
  • Background Check (annual check)

Note: The HIPPA e-learning is made available to you 24-48 hours after you have paid the fee.

These requirements were created with our participating community partners and follow the Northwest Clinical Consortium's Clinical Passport. We recognize that these requirements may be stricter than individual healthcare employers.

For assistance with technical issues, please contact call Castle Branch at 888.723.4263 x7196 or submit a request.