Graduation Information and Resources

Graduating with your Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Specific steps must be taken to apply for graduation (which is required to award your degree), to participate in the University Commencement Ceremony, and to ensure that your diploma will be mailed to the correct address.  Be sure to check your progress toward graduation using the Degree Audit System in your MyUW or MyPlan.

BSN Pins

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University Diploma, Degree and Graduation Application

Familiarize yourself with the Graduation website from the Office of the Registrar. It provides comprehensive information on the process and steps required to officially award your degree and also includes information on University honors, the diploma, degree validation, etc.

Graduation Application to Award BSN degree

To award your BSN degree so that is it on your University Transcript and official transcript, you must submit a Graduation Application. You will receive an email from uwbreg@uw.edu asking that you  confirm your graduation application one to two quarters prior to graduation. You can always change your graduation date after you have submitted a Graduation Application if needed.

Fall, winter, and spring quarter graduates must submit a Graduation Application by the third Tuesday of the quarter in which they intend to graduate.  Sumer quarter graduates who plan to attend the June Commencement Ceremony must meet the Spring Quarter application deadline.

Degree Validation and the Paper Diploma

Approximately three weeks after final grades are posted, your degree will be posted (awarded) on your official university transcript (if you have submitted a Graduation Application). Employers, schools, and others can use the online form to verify completion of the degree.

The paper diploma from the University will arrive to the address we have on file for you up to 4 months after the University Commencement Ceremony. 

University Commencement

The University of Washington Bothell holds one Commencement Ceremony for all students in June (held in Seattle) for students graduating in the academic year.  This includes students graduating in the Fall and Winter quarters prior to June and the student graduating in summer quarter (August).

Use the University's Commencement website to learn everything you need to know and do to participate in the Commencement Ceremony. This includes a checklist, a date of the event, how to sign up, receive your cap/gown, how to invite family from outside of the United States which includes travel and lodging information, and much more.

School of Nursing and Health Studies BSN Graduation Recognition Celebration

The RN to BSN program hosts a Graduation  Recognition Celebration during the last quarter of the program. The celebration is an informal style ceremony that honors the work and commitment it has taken to complete the program. Faculty and Staff gather to honor the students as they move from student to UW Bothell BSN graduate. Due to limited space, the event is reserved for students only; however, the University Commencement in June provides tickets for family and friends to attend the ceremony.