How to Apply

Application Process and How to Apply

The type of admissions process you follow and the online application you complete will depending on whether you are a new, returning, or international  applicant. The application and its material should be submitted by the deadline. Monitor the completion of your application packet by logging into your online application portal, or calling the Office of Admissions.

New applicants admission process

  1. Submit the online application.
  2. Submit the names and email addresses of your two recommenders as part of the application. The Office of Admissions will contact your recommenders via email using an online form.
  3. Attach your personal statement for nursing and your resume as part of the application.
  4. Submit your official transcripts. Electronic submission is recommended. 
    Paper submission, send to the following address:
    UW Bothell Office of Admissions
    Box 358500
    18115 Campus Way NE
    Bothell, WA 98011-8246

Applicants who have declined their initial offer or who were not removed from the waitlist

If you were admitted at one time, but declined the offer of admissions to the major or did move off the waitlist (e.g. you did not commence the program), you need to submit a new application. The Office of Admissions retains application materials for only one year. If it has been more than one year since the quarter you were first offered admission, follow the steps for new applicants noted above. If it has been less than one year, you may be required to submit updated material. For example, if you have a new position/job, you’ll be asked to submit an updated resume and supervisor recommendation; or, if you’ve completed additional coursework, you will be required to submit updated transcripts. For more information and assistance, contact the Office of Admissions.

Incomplete applicants

If you started the application process but did not complete it, your application is considered incomplete. Contact the Office of Admission to review what you have and receive assistance as needed. Application material is retained for one year only. If it has been more than one year, follow the New Applicant process.

Returning students

If you were previously admitted to the nursing program and attended courses, you are considered a returning student. Follow these steps:

  1. Meet with a Program Advisor. Use our scheduling page to schedule a time.
  2. Complete the Returning Student Application.
  3. Submit supporting application materials as required by the Nursing Admissions Committee.
  4. Submit updated official transcripts as requested. Electronic submission is recommended.

International applicants

Due to a recent change in the US Immigration Services Law, international applicants holding an F-1 visa are temporarily not eligible to apply to our off-site locations of Everett and Seattle. This may change once the off-sites locations undergo re-approval. For more information, please contact the International Center for Education at 425-352-3876. If you need a student visa to study in the U.S. or if you have any other type of temporary, non-immigrant visa, you are considered an International Applicant. To apply to the program on our Bothell campus, follow these steps:

  1. Review the International Student Services Admissions page.
  2. If you are using courses taken outside of the United States to meet the admissions requirements, meet with an International Student Credit Evaluator for review.
  3. Submit the online International Student Application.
  4. Submit your official transcripts (domestic transcripts). Electronic submission is recommended.

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Connect with Nursing Admissions Advisor

Erin B. McFeely

To make an appointment click here. You may also call
425-352-5000 or email ebm1@uw.edu. 

Erin is available to review your transcripts and assist with the admissions process for the RN to BSN program.